Zoho Vault: New features to elevate your password management practices.


With new features such as Active Directory integration, password event notifications, access controls, intuitive reports, and external sharing options, Zoho Vault is the ideal choice for online business teams. 

Product updates are the milestones in our pursuit of perfection. We take them very seriously, and strive continuously to come up with new features that help you perfect your enterprise password security practices. Here are a few recently-launched Zoho Vault features to help move password management in your organization to the next level:

  • User Management Simplified – Import, integrate, and authenticate
    The new Active Directory integration option simplifies user onboarding by letting
    you import users from your corporate identity stores (AD/LDAP) into Zoho Vault. You can maintain the same user group structures as in AD and quickly share a group of passwords in bulk with any user group. Keep your user database constantly synced with Active Directory and automate deprovisioning whenever an employee leaves the organization. In addition, users can also access Zoho Vault using their AD credentials.
    Active Directory Integration
  • Access controls and IP restrictions for tightened security. 
    Access Controls: Controlling and managing users’ access to highly sensitive passwords is simple with “Access Controls.” Activating this setting adds an additional layer of security by requiring users to request to view passwords. Access controls can be configured for all or selective secrets as needed. Built-in options also let administrators release passwords for a limited time period after approving access requests. The admin can also exclude certain users from having to make requests.

    IP restrictions: Administrators can impose controls based on the IP addresses from which users connect to Zoho Vault. This can be done by either white-listing or black-listing specific IPs or an IP range from which users access Zoho Vault. Additionally, you can exempt specific users from these restrictions as needed.

  • Granular reporting and logging system to keep you proactive
    Have a holistic picture of your passwords at any point and stay aware of your users’ activity with intuitive reports and comprehensive audit trails. A varied range of reports provide you with adequate information on strength of passwords, policy violations, unchanged passwords, and password sharing statuses. Apart from this, you can also choose to receive email notifications upon the occurrence of specific password events such as secret addition, retrieval, modification/deletion, and others.
    Sharing Reports

  • Selectively acquire secrets from other users
    What do you do when you need immediate access to  the password of a user who’s away from the office? Zoho Vault has the answer. Enjoy the option of choosing and acquiring specific secrets owned by a user whenever you need emergency access.

  • Share secrets temporarily with outsiders
    It is now possible to share sensitive passwords temporarily with external users, such as those who do not hold a Zoho account. You can share secrets with outsiders by sending them a timed link to the secrets via email that will automatically expire after 30 minutes.

  • Periodic data backups
    Letting you down is not an option for us, even during unforeseen circumstances. To ensure uninterrupted access to your passwords, Zoho Vault allows you to take a periodic (customizable) backup of your data in the form of an encrypted HTML file. Every user will receive a file that contains his/her respective data, which can be unlocked via a passphrase. There are also options to exclude certain users from this process.

  • Password policies, stronger passwords, expiration alerts, and more.
    We always do the best we can to keep your passwords safe in realtime. So, here are a few more features to augment your password security:

    1. Options to set a “Password Policy” for your organization that encourages your users to create strong and unique passwords.

    2. Configurable alerts that remind you to periodically change passwords. This can be activated by setting an age for your passwords. The alerts appear when the specified age is reached. .

    3. New sharing choices to share multiple passwords in bulk with user groups. Select a set of random passwords and share them simultaneously with all or any number of your user groups. You can also provide varying access permissions to the selected user groups.

    4. Provision to duplicate secrets and secret types. You can create copies of existing secrets/types with all parameters intact and tweak them to suit your requirements.

    5. Advanced import options that allow users to move their passwords to Zoho Vault from other password managers in just a few clicks for a quick migration process.

If you like what you see here, go ahead and give the new features a try. We would love to hear your thoughts about them.
Note: In case your organization does not have an account with Zoho Vault already, click here to take a 15-day free trial of our Enterprise edition.

Happy 2016!

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