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One of the best attributes of social media is the ability to share different kinds of content with your audience. The trick lies in knowing where to find good content that showcases that diversity.

TIP: Sharing content created by your customers and the accounts you follow is a great way to do this.

Although Instagram doesn't natively offer features like scheduling and posting, we noticed that brands were finding ways to do those things anyway, whether manually or with the help of third-party tools. We recently announced scheduling on Instagram and many businesses are already using it every day. On that note, I'm excited to introduce Repost for Instagram on Zoho Social!

Why is reposting content important for brands?

People use Instagram to compose beautiful posts containing images and videos to share them with the world. It's a great medium for capturing a thousand words in just one picture.

When you start sharing useful, interesting content, your brand becomes known, not just for its product or service, but as a source of content discovery. Wondering how to find great content? There are several ways to do that, and we would be more than happy to help you get started.

Tip: A large part of content that you can share comes from what your followers create!

Many brands use repost for Instagram in interesting ways to build their profile and drive engagement. Here are some examples that inspire us, and we believe will inspire you, to use Repost for Instagram on Zoho Social.

Of the people, for the people, BY the people!

Content curation is a great way to create engagement. Using a branded hashtag, you can easily curate content by reposting what your brand's followers have created. Brands like GoPro, NatGeo, etc. are building their Instagram profile by leveraging user-generated content. Reposting is also an effective way to engage with your followers and curate content during events, meet-ups, and talks. If you are running a show, this is a great opportunity to repost some content on Instagram.

Who doesn't love perks?

Instagram contests are an amazing engagement strategy. Brands design contests in which they encourage their followers to create posts and use a unique hashtag so that the posts can be monitored. Contests are a simple and effective way to increase engagement while also curating content for your profile. Two birds with one stone! Check out Belkin doing it right!

Circles of trust

Businesses use Instagram to build an audience and connect with their customers. When your business makes a sale and repost customer reviews on Instagram, it creates an authentic testimonial for your brand. This can be very useful in attracting more people and turning them into your customers!

While reposting on Instagram is a great feature, it is always best to request permission from the original author. We came up with a set best practices for reposting on Instagram.

Are you ready to get started?


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