Instagram Publishing on Zoho Social

Update: Instagram Direct Publishing is now available on Zoho Social! If you’ve already switched to a Business Profile, you can directly publish or schedule posts to Instagram from Zoho Social, without using the Instagram app on your phone. If you haven’t made the switch to a Business Profile, you may do so now or continue to use the workaround we built for you, to publish to your Personal Profiles.

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram said,

Images have the ability to inspire and bring out the best in us, whether they are funny, sad or beautiful.

Instagram now has over 500 million users worldwide. More than 300 million people use Instagram on a daily basis. Who could’ve imagined that a social network to share what’s happening in our lives in pictures would become a global phenomenon?

From freelance music teachers to real estate consultants, we’re thrilled to see some amazing Instagram feeds from our users. Instagram provides an unmatched platform for visual storytelling, and it’s inspiring to see how some businesses are already using it to tell stories and reach their audience.

Three months ago, we released support for Instagram on Zoho Social and received a wonderful response from our customers, as well as the community. (We even got featured on Product Hunt).

The only feature missing was the option to publish new content. You may be wondering, why did we announce an integration with Instagram that doesn’t allow users to post? Well, Instagram doesn’t (yet) allow third-party tools like Zoho Social to publish posts natively. We went out expecting Instagram to include the publishing feature in their API soon. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

We received so many requests for this feature that we decided to build a workaround for our users to publish (and schedule) posts on Instagram. Today, we’re opening it for all our users! Give it a try and let us know what you think about it.

Happy Instagramming!

  1. Natalie

    Can you have something like Hootsuite to schedule posts through Zoho Social for Instagram?

  2. Karen

    Hello .. Good evening. Is there a possibility to making the schedule without opening the instagram and paste the message? It would be great if we did not need to open the instagram to do this, but the post appears automatically. Is this on your roadmap?

    • Praval Singh

      Hey, Karen. As much as we’d like it to be the way you described, Instagram doesn’t have APIs that would allow third-party apps like Zoho Social to do that. What we have built is a workaround, as we wait for Instagram for the welcome change. Feel free to reach out to us shall you need any help setting up your account for Instagram on Zoho Social. 🙂

  3. Kristen

    Hey there do you have a post explaining how to do this? I x’d out of the first screen so I don’t believe I can set it up properly. Just looking for a blog post with the walk through to refer to. Thanks!

    • Praval Singh

      Sure! There’s a detailed guide for it under our Resources section. Also, a list of FAQs.