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  "In God we trust, all others must bring data"
             - W. Edwards Deming,
                                          Statistician & Manufacturing Guru 


In the information age, everything is quantifiable. From the number of steps we take each day to the number of calories we consume,  we can quantify each and every thing that happens around us. Even the number of times presidential candidates interrupt each other gets tracked. (In case you are wondering, during the second debate, Trump interrupted Hillary 18 times and she returned the favor once.)

Broadly speaking, the term analytics refers to processing raw data into actionable insights to enable better decision-making. Corporations are adopting data analytics to improve efficiency and deliver more engaging customer experiences. Organizational functions, such as marketing, targeted sales efforts, and staffing are implementing analytics to decrease their response time. From top to bottom, every level of business stands to gain from paying attention to this sort of data.

So why the interest in analytics? Corporations have realized three key benefits to using analytics: 1. Reduction in costs; 2. Enabling decisions to be made faster and with better judgement; and 3. The ability to derive customer insights and offer customized solutions.

Reduced costs:Logistic companies employ analytics in an innovative way: Their GPS-enabled trucks are tracked to monitor speed, braking, direction, and other performance parameters , leading to redesigned routes that provide significant cost savings.

Faster and better decision-making: Analytics allows for complicated and time-consuming processes, such as dynamic pricing and targeted services, to be executed in a fraction of the time.

Personalized products and services:Mobile service providers have been using analytics to personalized offers based on individual usage characteristics.

Gather. Analyse. Improve. We, therefore, think that trainers shouldn't get left out of the analytics gold rush. Traditional training has long relied on only one metric to determine its  effectiveness:  the post-session evaluation. But the problem is that trainers are in the dark during a session, totally unaware of the learners' level of engagement during the session and the overall resonance of the training content. Without real-time feedback, trainers had to rely on intuition rather than data to course correct.

But with Zoho ShowTime's Detailed Analytics page, trainers have an informative, real-time snapshot of their presentation's impact.

Session stats:Get to know basic Session Stats like session duration, number of slides presented, number of learners, and session date.

Engagement analytics:With Engagement Analytics get a comprehensive overview of your learners' engagement levels so you can gauge impact. Compare how long you spend delivering a presentation to how long your learners spend viewing it, and then check feedback and ratings to better evaluate session acceptance.

Talk statistics:Human beings excel at recognizing patterns. Use Talk Statistics to visualize session details and discover  hidden patterns by comparing different parameters.

Use ShowTime to leverage the power of analytics for effective, efficient, and smart training. Derive unique insights about your learners and make real-time decisions so that your training delivers results.

We love hearing from you. If you have questions or thoughts about ShowTime, write to us at support@zohoshowtime.com or comment below.   


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