Welcome this Teachers' Day with Zoho ShowTime

It's September 5th, and it's time to remember and applaud the services of a select group of professionals—our teachers. Their biggest contribution to our country is their generous and selfless effort to empower our future generations. Ideally, we'd recognize this contribution every day, but we should make a special effort to show our gratitude today.

We should also take the time to identify the issues faced by the teaching community. One of the common shortcomings of a lecture is the absence of an engaging classroom environment, which can lead to reduced student interest. With the student-teacher ratio for primary schools at 24:1 and secondary schools at 27:1, it becomes even more necessary for teachers to consider different ways of connecting with their students.

Ignite minds with Zoho ShowTime Classes no longer need to be one-way. Make interaction the cornerstone of all your classes with Zoho ShowTime. Your students will feel included and empowered to ask questions. Invite everyone to join in the conversation.

Instant polling: ShowTime's real-time polls enable you, the teacher, to take the pulse of your class. Gather opinions, analyze comprehension, and conduct in-class assessments.

Online Q&A: Invite shy students to make their voices heard by allowing them to pose questions virtually. Project inquiries and answers to take the discussion forward.

Slide "likes" Add an element of content interaction with the slide "like" feature. Students can express appreciation for your slides by clicking the heart button.

Learning, on their terms: Every student learns at their own pace. During a class, your students can refer back to the previous slides to clarify their understanding.

Virtual class: Conduct virtual classes with your off-premise students, who can join from cities across the country and even the world. Students who might have fallen sick no longer need to miss the chance to learn.

Sign up with us today and offer your students a truly immersive experience. Try Zoho Show, our online presentation editor, and build presentations that resonate. You can create visually stunning slides with vivid images, animations, and charts for your educational content.

If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share, write to us at support@zohoshowtime.com or leave your comments below.


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