Introducing Zoho ShowTime's Open Mic: Let your learners have their say!

Traditional classroom training has always enjoyed one significant advantage over virtual training - the personal touch. In a face-to-face setting, trainees' questions show the trainer how well the audience is understanding the material and provide an opportunity to clarify anything that's confusing. This clear and instant feedback keeps trainer and audience on the same page, making training more effective for everyone.

The trainer can also choose to make the session more interactive by inviting learners to share their different viewpoints. Making a training inclusive and immersive like this can be the difference between a dull session and an engaging one.

Now you can guarantee the same interaction in your virtual classes with Zoho ShowTime.


Listen to your audienceWith Zoho ShowTime's Open Mic feature, you can let everyone have their say. Hear and answer your trainees' questions out loud or open up the floor for discussion, keeping your virtual training as effective as any classroom session.

Give them the floorWhether your learners want to give you feedback or ask for a clarification, they deserve the opportunity to speak to you directly. When a trainee clicks the Mic icon, you will be notified of their request. Once you accept their request, they can talk to you as well as the entire virtual class.

Pass the mic Collaborative learning is the way of the future. The most effective learning happens when ideas are bounced off each other. You can invite your attendees to take the spotlight and share their insights with everyone in the class.

Open Mic feature is now available in our ShowTime Viewer app. Download now from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We would love to hear about your experience using ShowTime. If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share, write to us at or leave your comments below.


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