Zoho SalesIQ is GDPR Ready: Your Privacy, Our Priority

Wondering how to strategize your marketing and sales? Well, it’s going to be hard if you don’t know how your prospects behave on your site.

It’s always tough to capture your target audience’s behaviour and get relevant information to work with. Moreover, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect as of 25th May 2018, it’s even harder to analyze your prospects. Isn’t it?

 Maybe so, especially if you haven’t heard of Zoho SalesIQ. However, if you are using SalesIQ to track and interact with your website visitors, GDPR compliant prospect tracking isn’t hard.

We are proud to announce that Zoho SalesIQ, our prospect tracking and engagement software, is GDPR ready. Learn more about Zoho SalesIQ.

 By now, most of you have heard a lot about GDPR. You are probably getting more conscious about how and what data are you capturing. You may have started questioning how third-party software uses your data and your website visitors’ personal information, which is an important question to ask.

IBFS Global Chief Information Security Officer & Board advisor Stephan Nappo points out:
“Digital freedom stops where that of users begins… Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be a customer trade-off between privacy and security. Privacy is not to sell, it’s a valuable asset to protect.” 

We have always respected our users’ privacy, but we’ve made some GDPR upgrades nonetheless. Here are the features we have modified to provide you a more secure experience. 

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1. Visitor Tracking Banner

Customize your consent banner based on your needs. We support both an implicit tracking banner and an opt out tracking banner.

Implicit tracking banner

Opt-out tracking banner


2. Initiating Chat Consent

Let your prospects know how you will use the information they share on chat by including a chat consent when they initiate a conversation.Offline chat banner Online Chat Banner


3. Password Protection

Protect all the files you share using Zoho SalesIQ.

Password Protection


4. Double Opt-in for Email

Prompt the user to confirm the recipient’s email address before they send an email.

Email Double Opt-in


5. Google Translate

Let users know that your agents are using a third-party service to translate their chat session.


6. Credit Card Masking

Mask any credit card information shared through chat.

Credit Card Masking Credit Card Masking


7. IP Address Masking

The IP address of the visitor can be masked within the product. IP address making can be controlled by the administrator.


To learn more about how Zoho SalesIQ protects your privacy, visit the following links.

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Zoho SalesIQ abides by GDPR for a double-checked data protection

How to enable GDPR for the portal? 


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