7 tips for winning new business with social sales

When you’ve made the decision to start using social media for your business, you need to have a goal. It could be to gain more exposure, to increase online conversation, or, as with most businesses, to generate leads. This is one of the hardest things to do on social media, so keep reading if this is something you want to do.

Did you know that 23% of internet users spend ALL of their time on social networks and blogs? Since 2010, social media has been the fastest-growing channel for lead generation. To get more leads from social media, follow these tips:

Use multiple channels
To give yourself the best possible chance of generating leads, you need to use more than just one or two social channels. Like me, you may find certain ones more beneficial than others, but you never know where your customers are coming from so it’s important to have your business on the main social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Do your research
Do you know who your target customer is? Once you’ve defined your demographic you can then decide which social networks will work best for your business. This, in turn, allows you to create more leads. This will include using keywords across social media, to find out where you get the best interactions, and also researching your competitors.

Content creation
Without a clear focus, consistency, and great, unique content, you won’t have as much engagement as you could. You must have a content strategy which includes a breakdown for what you’re sharing on each social network.

Once you have a clearly defined content strategy, you need to focus on engagement. Reposting, answering questions, and overall engagement with your community is important for the success of your business on social media.

Once you’ve decided which social networks are best for you, you need to make sure you’re cross-promoting information about your business. Having social sharing buttons on your website increases click-through rates by 150%.

Track results
Without tracking your social media results, you’ll never know if what you’re doing is generating as many leads as possible. Monitoring tools are essential to giving you the best possible evaluation of your social media strategy.

SEO is a huge part of online marketing. There are 4 billion searches every single day, and it’s important that your business is showing up in some of them. Make sure your bio for all social networks includes keywords related to your business and industry.

Are you generating enough leads from your social sales?

To learn more about how to set your social selling strategy on the right track, join us for a free webinar on the 10 things you need to know about selling in a digital age. Watch the recording here.

-Warren Knight

Warren Knight is a blogger, creator of multiple companies, and author of Think #Digital First. He helps people to create a radical rethinking through his certified professional speaking, training, and consultancy, on how organizations use technology to build brand awareness and create new revenue streams.


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