Reorient your recruiting game plan to hire the best

A typical recruiter’s day is like running a marathon: mornings that start with replying to emails and scheduling interviews; afternoons packed with meeting candidates; evenings spent updating clients, recording the day’s events, and planning the next day’s course.

And yet, there is much more to successful recruiting in 2018. The tide is turning in this dynamic industry, making it essential for recruiters to be “jacks of many trades.” For instance, they act as  guides when communicating with candidates, a social media manager when sourcing candidates, a sales-person and a marketer when talking to clients, a manager when ensuring their team is working on the same page, and an analyst when measuring the results of strategies adopted and re-working them when required.

Invariably, every role is subject to constant evaluation. A recruiter must mandate tracking of all their department’s workflows, while also ensuring that recruiting strategies are updated and in-sync with the needs of the candidates.

It is essential that every recruiter stays apprised of the continuously changing nature of the recruitment industry, while also adapting to the changing needs of candidates. In this predominantly candidate-driven market, one has to curate strategies that ensure effective candidate engagement, so that the best talent is reached. This can be achieved when there is a thorough understanding of various metrics that actually matter.

Improve your hiring strategy by analyzing key recruiting metrics. Finding the right person for the job is complicated, but we’ve isolated the top eight factors to consider when you’re ready to reorient your game plan.

Hiring, like every department of a company is dependent on closely monitored strategic goals. It is essential to re-visit them often and update the metrics that quantify growth.

We hope these eight metrics have been helpful for you. Have more? We’d love to learn all about them. Write to us in the comments below.

Are you ready to re-orient your game plan?


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