Unveiling SalesIQ 2.0: A complete B2B and B2C customer engagement platform

With today’s customers able to choose from many product and service providers, product quality or brand value alone won’t keep your business running. And simply providing the best after-sales support won’t make you stand out either. So, what can you really do?

The answer lies in unified prospect and customer engagement throughout the customer life cycle. 

Good customer engagement is often the result of positive experiences each time the customer interacts with your brand, from the time a valuable prospect lands on your site throughout the customer’s journey with your business.

This led us to transform your favorite live chat software, SalesIQ, into a complete customer engagement platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. 

Meet SalesIQ 2.0—an all-in-one customer engagement, live chat, and analytics platform to unify your marketing, sales, and customer support efforts, thereby giving prospects and customers the best possible experience at every stage.

all-in-one customer engagement platform

In addition to a seamless and more visually appealing user interface, here are some highlights of SalesIQ 2.0:

A single space to manage all your brands

manage all your brands from a single dashboard

When businesses have multiple brands, with each brand having a unique identity, a one-size-fits-all configuration doesn’t work. Nor is configuring and managing each one separately practical.

We’ve solved this with a single admin space to customize each of your brands’ multiple customer touchpoints. You can also configure display messages, wait times, notification settings, and even add a GDPR banner to your chat window.

Built for both B2B and B2C engagement

Corporate contact management

Along with our existing B2C features, SalesIQ 2.0 is now optimized for the B2B segment as well!

Our corporate contact management module—complete with company profile enrichment, scoring, and filters—helps you categorize the people who land on your website into visitors and contacts based on the availability of their email address.

In addition, the profile enrichment—powered by Zia—gives more details on corporate visitors and organizes them by company to help you manage business conversations and activity separately.

Company profile enrichment

It also extends all the lead scoring and analysis capabilities of its predecessor to a B2B scenario with company scoring and helps managerial decision making by offering filters to assess your engagement with your target industry, the number of new companies reaching out to you, corporate leads gone cold, and more.

A resource library to free you from repetitive questions

Create a resource library with commonly searched topics or answers to common questions so you can focus on more complex and unique ones.


Make documents like product details, company policies, or help documentation available within the chat window as articles so customers can look up solutions before reaching out. Your Answer Bot or live chat agents can also suggest these to customers to support their responses.


Add answers to common questions that your Answer Bot or agents can use directly as responses to queries. You can also assign multiple variations of the questions to a single solution, as well as link FAQs to related articles to be displayed along with the response.

Customer engagement on autopilot with our AI-driven Answer Bot

AI-driven answer bot

With SalesIQ 2.0, we present to you the Answer Bot—an NLP (natural language processing)-driven chatbot that uses our own AI technology, Zia, to understand common customer queries and answer them using your resource library. Think it’s just like any other AI chatbot? Read on—you’ll be surprised.

AI is touted as the new electricity. However, the biggest stumbling block of AI chatbots is the lack of human touch and the generic nature of conversation. We’ve bridged that gap to make AI bots sound more human and bring them closer to businesses with the following features:

Small Talk

Small Talk lets you create a library of engaging phrases and responses to train your bot to have friendly interactions with customers.

Business Terms

Customers often use industry jargon or other related/generic words when they reach out to companies. Business Terms can help organizations equip their chatbots with all the words related to their domain and enable them to respond to queries containing such terms.

Unanswered Questions (UAQs)

No more manual labor to track down questions your chatbot hasn’t been able to answer. These are automatically recorded along with the number of occurrences so your agents can quickly link them to the right knowledge base resource like articles or FAQs, or they can even create a new one right away.

Bot building for everyone with a drag-and-drop interface

Codeless chatbot builder

Non-techies have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to creating and customizing chatbots. With our new codeless bot interface, we aim to make chatbot-building a common person’s forte using a codeless bot builder. All it takes is setting up a conversation flow and adding responses.

Chat reopening to continue the conversation

Customers will often write back with follow-up questions on an older chat or support query. Give more context to these conversations by offering customers a view of all the chats they’ve had with you and the ability to reopen an older chat to pick up where they left off.

Abuse management to safeguard your team

profanity management

Employees in public-facing roles like sales and support often encounter angry and frustrated customers. To protect users against this, SalesIQ lets users configure a chat closure or block an IP when customers use abusive language.

Built-in screenshare to assist customers

Screensharing for better assistance The previous version of SalesIQ required customers to have a Zoho Assist account in order to use the screen-sharing option. SalesIQ 2.0 has its own screen-sharing feature, so you’ll only need a Zoho Assist account for remote assistance.

Developer tools to improve productivity
Widgets and Forms

data and action widgets

Bring your favorite apps inside SalesIQ with widgets and forms to save your team the time they spent switching between multiple apps while interacting with customers. Widgets are actionable and can invoke forms to collect information to perform the intended action in your external applications.


Set up highly sophisticated workflows in your codeless bot flow based on the data in your favorite applications using Plugs. Want to do a special flow based on today’s market value or the type of customer based on the data in your application? We’ve covered it all.

connect your external apps to SalesIQ

Configure webhooks to connect apps hosted on your server with SalesIQ and pass on data changes from SalesIQ to your app. For example, admin operations like changes in operators or departments, or other data changes like customer data modifications or changes in initiated chats, can be passed on to your app to facilitate the workflow you’ve set up, helping SalesIQ work more closer with your application than before.

Drill-down Analytics for better engagement

Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho AnalyticsThe Zoho SalesIQ – Analytics integration lets users view, measure, and analyze the impact of your website engagement with extensive reports like website traffic, visitor interests and lead generation reports, detailed chat reports, team performance, customer feedback, and more.

Like what you see here? Then SalesIQ 2.0 is sure to amaze you! Here’s a small sneak peek into the product.

There’s one more surprise: we’ve updated our pricing model from team-based to user-based so none of your user licenses go unused and you can buy more licenses as you grow.

We’d love to know what you think of SalesIQ 2.0. Give it a test run and let us know in the comments how you like it. Give us a shout-out on twitter if you’re impressed, or write to us at support@zohosalesiq.com for any clarifications.


9 Replies to Unveiling SalesIQ 2.0: A complete B2B and B2C customer engagement platform

  1. Hi, will the form widget dynamically capture the UTM parameters with the forms native config? We use gravity forms with hidden fields including Gclid. If an ad visitor opens a chat and fill out the form will the parameters pass ?

    1. Hi Nobuo, here are the answers to your questions. 1. As of now, Answer Bot supports only English, but we have multi-language support in our pipeline. We'll keep you updated as soon as it's ready. 2. Sorry, it's not possible to merge the multi-language capability of Dialogflow with Zobot. Please write to us at support@zohosalesiq.com and we’d be happy to guide you further.

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