2 Ways Live Chat Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Landing a new customer is 5x more expensive than keeping an existing customer. How do we keep our customers happy? By providing outstanding support. LiveDesk let’s you delivers outstanding customer service and keeps your retention rates high.

Let’s look at a scenario below that is all too typical in business.

Riley and Karen, both customer service managers, are upset. One of their biggest customers is threatening to leave. José Pérez, the COO of B2B SellingStrategies, just complained of bad service during a critical timetip5

This is a pretty common conversation today. Several businesses are adopting live chat as a channel for customer service, in addition to traditional ones like email.

Here are 2 ways to enhance your customer service by implementing a live chat solution,

#1 Let customers Initiate live chat from website or within an email:

Initiate live chat from website or within email:Customers who reach out to your tech support department could be impatient and strapped for time. They don’t like to go through an IVR, get through to an agent, explain their issue and get a solution. They need quick and useful solutions. What’s simpler and more convenient than a quick live chat.

Customers can initiate a chat conversation from your website itself. Copy-paste a small code snippet and it’s done.

Also by simply adding a chat button in the agent’s email signature, customers can start a chat conversation right from the email. That’s as easy as it gets!

#2 Let customers choose their favourite agent :

Let customers choose their favourite agent :
Ever called up tech support, asked for your favourite agent who resolves issues promptly and got connected to them? Guess what! You can even do that on live chat now! Your customers will be thrilled!

Just decide the agents to be listed, include a small bio about their specialties and let your customers choose whom to chat with.

Clear choices backed by quick resolution. That’s a powerful combination. And that’s LiveDesk for you.

With Zoho LiveDesk, you can enhance your customer service to deliver happiness to your customers instantly.


4 Replies to 2 Ways Live Chat Can Enhance Your Customer Service

  1. That`s really informative for live chat business person. Engagement with your visitor or client is very important in live chat service business that you discussed in this post. Instant messaging or reporting with visitor makes you successful and you can target much more clients by handling live chat software for your customer services.

    1. Hi Harry, Thank you very much for your feedback. Have you tried the new tracking feature in Zoho LiveDesk? You can track and proactively initiate live chat with your website visitors. Regards, Ambi.

  2. Hi Guys, It is very good and welcomed functionality. Could you consider feeding Zoho CRM with info abt customer's lenght of visit, pages visited, last visit time etc. That information may be very beneficial for sales/ marketing activities within CRM after the visit.

    1. Hi Miron, Thank you very much for your feedback, much appreciated. We are already working on the feature you have requested I will keep updated on the exact date we will be rolling it out. Regards, Ambi.

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