Collaboration just got easier with the New Real-time Editor in Document Library

Last year, we released Document Library, which made it easy to manage all your sales collateral, marketing material, proposals and more, right within Zoho CRM. Now, we’ve gone a step further and improved our editor in Zoho Docs to support chat collaboration and real-time editing.

Take this case of the Sales Team at Zillum Corp. Patricia, one of the sales reps, is excited! She has just closed a big deal, which she had been working on for a few months. She starts working on the Service Level Agreement, and notices some sections that require help from her manager and the legal team.

She shares the document with Charles from the legal team, and instantly he is notified about the document via email. When Charles views the document, Patricia gets an alert, and she can even chat with him then and there! That’s not all, she can also see what Charles is revising, and in turn, Charles can also see the changes Jasmine is making. And the whole document is finalized in a matter of minutes and sent to the customer.

Document-LibraryNow, that’s a lot easier to communicate with your team and get the reviews done instantly, right?

The new editor is available in Zoho Sheet, Zoho Writer and Zoho Show. Do try this feature and let us know what you think.


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  1. We subscribe to the Enterprise Edition. Is the CRM Document Library feature, which I understand to be a new feature, available to us at no additional cost? Currently we are using both Dropbox and Google Docs to "house" our new and updated documents. Especially since we are working to get our entire field sales team focused on using Zoho, it seems that migrating all our docs to Zoho would make sense. Am I correct in this assumption? How do we go about doing that? Thanks!!!

  2. Do Zoho Sheets/Docs that are integrated into Zoho Projects also have this functionality? Please advise...Thanks, Pat

  3. We never use this feature mainly because we use Google Drive for everything. Do you fully integrate with Google Drive providing the same collaboration functionality as you have mentioned here? Up until now we have just posted links to the shared documents on drive but it would be good to have a full integration.

  4. Excellent addition to the Zoho suite of tools! This is a key part to collaboration and moving people away from using Office documents stored in shared folders and repeatedly getting document conflicts. Look forward to using this.

    1. Hi Preston, The documents in the Document Library is shared to all the users who have the profile permission. By default, users with Administrator or Standard profile can access this feature. The Administrator needs to provide profile permissions for other users. To modify the profile permission, go to Setup -> Users & Permissions -> Profiles. Click the Edit link beside the profile you want to provide this feature. Under 'Document Permissions', select the permissions you want to provide to the profile and Save. You can see this help document for more info,

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