Zoho Recruit’s Integration with ThinkTest Will Help You Tip Recruitment Scales

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You have an efficient ATS (Applicant Tracking System), smart recruiters, top-of-the-class candidates, but still your attrition rates keep climbing. What went wrong? When you strip a person of his or her credentials and examine their personality, you will find the answer. If you can match the personality of the person with the nature of his/her job, then you’ve got a perfect match!

That’s why Zoho Recruit has joined with ThinkTest, the popular personality test provider supported by NSI Solution inc, in an effort to bridge the gap between a candidate’s personality and job profiles.

Gabriel Pouliot, the spokesperson for ThinkTest says ThinkTest uses personality dimensions that can relate to almost any job and job reality. It helps create personality prototypes that match the job profile you are looking for. While recruiting candidates, you can then compare their profiles to the ones you have prototyped”.

Organizations look for candidates with the right mix of passion for the job and compatibility with the workplace. That is where personality tests do the trick. It’s like a mix and match game; each personality is best suited to a different job. Find out where your candidates will shine, and everyone benefits.

How valid are these tests?

They are not the kind of quizzes you might see on social media like “Who do you think you were in your previous life?”. ThinkTest is supported by over 20 years of research and based on the tried and tested algorithms developed by Maieutik. 

How does ThinkTest integration work?

  1. Sign up and create a ThinkTest (Customer Portal) account.

  2. Choose a plan based on the number of tests required.

  3. Create a ThinkTest web tab in your Zoho Recruit account to track the activities. Links to the ThinkTest profiles you have purchased will be displayed here.

  4. If you want a candidate to take the test, click the Fill ThinkTest link, and the test will be sent to the candidate.

  5. Once the candidate completes the test, you can view the result using the View ThinkTest link.
    Zoho Recruit and ThinkTest integration result screen

  6. After analyzing the test results, you can forward them to a client along with the candidate’s resume.

So, if you feel like there is more to a candidate than how he/she looks on paper, then it’s time to give ThinkTest a try. Worry not! ThinkTest support personnel will help you through the entire setup process. 

Want to explore ThinkTest before committing? Click here! Try it out for free and share your feedback with us.


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