Launching a Zoho Recruit Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Many recruiters use both Applicant Tracking System and Microsoft Outlook for recruitment. Applicant Tracking System helps in tracking applicants and Outlook for emails, contacts and appointments. Using two different tools is tedious and time consuming. To ease the recruitment process, we decided to implement an integration to help you save time and be more productive. 
Today, we are very excited to announce the long awaited and much requested integration between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho Recruit, which will help you to complete your task faster and more efficiently.
Using the new Microsoft Outlook Plug-in you can:


  • Easily add multiple candidates and contacts from incoming emails directly to Zoho Recruit.  This eliminates the need to manually key-in the details
  • Associate candidate to job openings directly from Outlook to Zoho Recruit
  • Automatically saves a copy of the e-mail into the specific candidate’s or contact’s record
  • Parse attached resume from e-mails directly to the Zoho Recruit
  • Store and track all your e-mail conversations with candidates and contacts in their respective records using the “Add Email” option
  • Fetch all your events and appointments from Zoho Recruit and add them to your Outlook
Check out our online help pages for how to install and work with the plugin.

Try it, and do let us know what you think of this new feature. You can post a comment here or send us an e-mail at



14 Replies to Launching a Zoho Recruit Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

  1. I have been trying to install this add-in and it says that it properly installed. However, I have restarted my Outlook 2010 application and nothing shows up. I have gone into the trust center (add-ins area) and could not find it in disabled or enable areas. I tried to add an enabled one using the file Zohorecruit.resources in the en-US folder and it says that it is not a valid Office Add-In...I could use any help...thank you

  2. I would like to see this kind of integration into Google Apps. I know Zoho CRM is more tightly integrated and would love to see that in Recruit as well.

  3. Will a version be coming through for EXCHANGE? This does NOT work with Exchange Server, and we can't be the only firm in the world still using exchange...

  4. @athlonllc1Are you able to install the Zoho Recruit Exe successfully? If yes, then please check the following places:1. Start Microsoft 2007 -> click Tools menu -> Trust center ->Add-insRefer the image outlook2007 and check whether it is in Active application addins.2. Start Microsoft 2010 -> click File menu -> Options -> Add-insRefer the image outlook2010 and check whether it is in Active application addins...If it is in Inactive application add-ins or disabled application add-ins then move it to active application add-ins.

  5. @mayberryrecruitingSorry for the inconvenience caused.Please try it one more time, if you still face this issue, then please send us a mail along with your contact details to, so that we can schedule a web meeting to fix it.

  6. Any plans for a similar integration for Gmail/Google Apps users.So, when I see the emails with resume attachments either in Zoho mail or Gmail/Google Apps, I should be able to click a link next to that attachment, that brings the resume into zoho.Thanks.

  7. The plug in installed great. I was able to parse one or two resumes. After that the attachments weren't included in the record. I had to add them manually. Is this because I'm using the trail version? Thx.

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