Zoho Recruit in 2022 - Year in Review

Throughout 2022, the course of recruitment continually changed to meet the demands of the job market. Among job seekers, remote and hybrid opportunities were the most sought after. Among recruiters, qualities beyond candidate skillset played a bigger role in the selection process. With the world going remote, candidate behavior saw drastic change. Most interviews were virtual, asynchronous, and collaborative. Zoho Recruit helped recruiters keep pace by providing new features and extended product capabilities. As we come to the end of the year, here's a look back at everything exciting 2022 brought with it.

How Zoho Recruit helped users navigate 2022 recruitment trends

Companies are global
Companies are no longer confined by geographic boundaries. But for many organizations, operating in multiple countries leads to data silos that employees need to switch between often. Zoho Recruit introduced multi-org functionality that helps people participate in multiple organizations and work with multiple Recruit accounts using the same set of credentials.
Applicants are a lot more diverse
In a remote world, job applications are no longer homogeneous. This proved to be a challenge for recruitment agencies looking to standardize candidate resumes for their clients. Zoho Recruit's powerful integration with Zoho Writer made it possible to create advanced templates for consistently formatted resumes.
Where there were hundreds, there are now thousands
The amount of candidate data that recruiters have to manage has grown exponentially in the past year. In response, Zoho Recruit provided a tool to help wade through the voluminous data—an advanced search algorithm that lets users filter resumes with critical criteria, like keywords, field values, and proximity. 
Recruiters aim to attract passive candidates
The market saw a lot of potential candidates take a passive approach, waiting to be approached by recruiters. In response, recruiters went hunting for profiles on social media platforms. Our Resume Extractor browser extension made this easier by parsing candidate details from their profiles in an instant. All recruiters had to do to add them to their database was click Add to Recruit.
The spirit of togetherness
As brands scaled up, their recruitment teams grew. Recruiters worked together, but liked taking a "divide and conquer" approach to their tasks. Zoho Recruit listened and provided an option to add up to five accounts to any premium job board. More hands on deck meant more work got done.

Awards and badges

We view accolades and recognitions as validation from the market about the direction of our product. Here's some feedback from trusted sources about the good work we do.

Zoho Recruit on the road

Things we have in store for 2023 

Trends point toward an increasingly inclusive, competitive, and vibrant job market. With layoffs on one end and newer brands scaling up on the other, the recruitment market will likely be busy in 2023.

Our pipeline for the upcoming year 

We're working on empowering recruiters with a dedicated email inbox that makes it easier to prioritize, organize, and manage recruitment-related emails. With data analytics playing an important role in our understanding of the world around us, assessment analytics for candidates, interviewers, and recruiters are on our road map for the year 2023. Our teams are also working on features to enable internal job posting and referral tracking from within your organization, and we're sure you'll all enjoy putting them to great use.

The Recruit promise   

We will keep working to make Zoho Recruit more functional, scalable, inclusive, and enterprise-friendly in the coming year. We thank our customers for trusting us and recognize the efforts of our team, our partners, and others who strive to make Recruit a reliable end-to-end recruitment solution.

Happy holidays!


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