Another one bites the dust. Google Hire is officially shutting down.

Best alternative to Google Hire | Zoho Recruit

While Google Hire calls it quits, you’re going to need options. Zoho Recruit is an affordable alternative that is resilient and adaptable.  

Recruitment is unpredictable. Job profiles, hiring processes, assessment cycles, and HR demands are always changing. Meanwhile, competition and survivability among providers of applicant tracking systems (ATS) are changing too. Recruiters and corporate hiring teams must seek a solution that can weather storms and adapt to user needs.

With Google now shutting down its hiring solution, Google Hire, users now have to hunt for an alternative. We believe Zoho Recruit is the answer.

Whether you are a staffing agency or corporate hiring team, Zoho Recruit is the best alternative for your specific recruitment needs. It is an efficient ATS as well as an easy-to-use recruitment CRM and human capital management solution.

Up your hiring game

Zoho Recruit is a complete hiring automation platform that can be fully customized according to your unique needs. Our team of technical experts and solution architects have been making this possible for over a decade. The recruitment functionality that Zoho Recruit offers is super extensive and in-depth when compared to Google Hire.

Keep your Google apps

With Zoho Recruit, you don’t have to lose your favorite Google applications. Sync your Google Contacts and Calendar, and access Gmail from Zoho Recruit to monitor emails and post jobs to Google.

Free migration and licensing 

Switch risk-free from Google Hire to Zoho Recruit and enjoy free migration and onboarding support until 2020. To give you enough time to assess Zoho Recruit and make an informed decision, we are also offering free licenses to our enterprise edition till the end of this year. With it, you’ll have access to our most advanced features and add-ons to date.

What’s more? Over 5,000 companies trust Zoho Recruit’s complete recruitment software and applicant tracking system.

Your search for a dependable hiring solution ends here.


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