Zoho Projects : Export your project data as csv/xls and more

The latest Zoho Projects update brings in a couple of very useful features. We have been getting feedback of how useful it would be for our users to regularly backup their data. So, here it is – you can now export your ‘Tasks & Milestones’ and ‘Timesheets’ data in xls and csv formats whenever you want. Just click on the ‘Export’ button available in the ‘Tasks & Milestones’/’Timesheet’ tabs and you can save your data offline.

Zoho Projects offers a variety of plans and each plan has a specified amount of disk space allotted to it. You can now see how much of the allotted disk space you have used with the following options – in total, by user and by folder. This will allow you to effectively use the disk space available.

The above features as a Zoho Show slide show below.

If you closely watch the slides, you will also notice that the tasks now have various color codes depending upon priority.

Tell us what you think of this Zoho Projects update and what more features you would like to have in Zoho Projects.

2 Replies to Zoho Projects : Export your project data as csv/xls and more

  1. It would be great instead of exporting each task, milestone time sheet if we can export or download the whole project into specific format which in turn can be imported into some another account.

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