Basecamp users, BUMPing is now easier than ever!

Ever since we launched BUMP, our Basecamp User Migration Program, organizations by the hundreds have been migrating to Zoho Projects. Why are they doing that? With Basecamp, you only get the basics covered like sharing files, assigning tasks and checking due dates. Zoho Projects is an advanced project management system with milestones, Gantt charts, dependencies, sub tasks, document management, advanced reporting, issue tracking and a lot more.

And you don’t pitch camp, when the doors of a palace are open before you!


The first version of BUMP required you to do a little amount of work; downloading here, uploading there and so forth. But when we saw the response it got, we felt this should be made a completely hassle free affair. So we’re launching BUMP 2.0 which fully automates the process. It asks you to log into both the apps and click on a button to grant permission. Then, as you sit back, it imports all your Basecamp projects and users into Zoho!


To see all the benefits of migration in action, here is the story of Sunnyland tours, a Florida Business  that made the switch and is glad it did so!


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