Top 5 skills that every manager should have

5 skills required to manage employees

Managers play a huge role in employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction, so it’s important that they embrace an effective approach to leadership. Here are five skills that enable managers to successfully support their teams :

  1. Communication: Managers should practice active listening and maintain open channels of communication so that team members feel comfortable providing feedback. As managers often act as mediators between upper management and their teams, they should have the confidence and capability to resolve conflicts, address employee concerns, and relay feedback.

  2. Emotional intelligence: When managers are tuned into their own emotions, as well as those of their coworkers, they’re able to make more compassionate decisions. They should be able to self-reflect and adapt when approaching obstacles.

  3. Mentorship: Managers should use their expertise to provide proper guidance to their team members. This includes helping employees navigate workplace challenges and supporting them in setting and reaching their career goals.

  4. Delegation: It’s imperative that managers learn how to match projects with the appropriate team members. This involves understanding each employee’s strengths, recognizing the resources required for each project, and setting clear expectations.

  5. Judgment and decision-making: Managers should know how to analyze the impact of important decisions on employees and your organization. They should make efforts to recognize their own biases and arrive at decisions using facts and data.

Read more about the top five skills every manager should possess in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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