App Spotlight: ChatInbox – WhatsApp Support for Zoho CRM

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ChatInbox – WhatsApp Support for Zoho CRM

Support your customers and manage your agents from a single platform.   

Get ChatInbox – WhatsApp Support for Zoho CRM

Business needs

Do you have an awesome product but lack customer support? Are you looking for a tool that will allow you to increase customer satisfaction, improve sales, and manage all channels and agents from one place?


ChatInbox provides a native integration with Zoho CRM so you can streamline customer service conversations, contact information, and order data.

  • Support your customers over WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram with unlimited chats.
  • Create new leads or contacts as well as tasks and notes.
  • Add media files to Zoho CRM as attachments or notes.
  • Integrate your messages with workflow rules.
  • Start an instant chat directly from Leads and Contacts.
  • Hide phone numbers in Zoho CRM and ChatInbox.


  • Communicate with your customers from mainstream chat channels.
  • Train your agents quickly using an intuitive platform.
  • See how your agents and channels are performing at a glance with up-to-date reports.

Get ChatInbox – WhatsApp Support for Zoho CRM

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