Tips to support employee mental health during a crisis

The anxiety and isolation caused by the crisis and the sudden transition to remote work can harm employees’ mental health. Also, sometimes working from home may blur the line between professional and personal life, leaving employees exhausted. All these factors can make them less engaged and productive. So, it is necessary to offer some extra support to help them overcome the crisis.

Improving mental health of remote employees

Here are some actions that can go a long way in improving your employee’s mental health during a crisis:

  • Take time to check in with every employee to see if they are doing okay

  • Create internal chat groups to initiate lighter discussions and help employees to collaborate well even while separated

  • Practice flexibility until the crisis subsides and encourage employees to work in a way that is suitable to them

  • Conduct online stress management, which lists the actionable points to reduce stress

  • Encourage your employees to take short breaks regularly and set a start and stop time for their workday

  • Improve transparency by making your employees aware of your business conditions during the crisis

Read more tips for sustaining your employees’ mental health in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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