Introducing Paybooks Integration - An Effortless New Way to Sync Your Payroll with Zoho People

Maintaining employee payroll is one of the most important yet most complicated functions of HR. As part of Zoho People’s commitment to bringing you a comprehensive HR management system, we’re excited to introduce a hassle-free integration with Paybooks, a leading online payroll solution, for our users in India.

What can Zoho People and Paybooks do for you?

Manage Paybooks Accounts with Ease from within Zoho People

Whether you have an existing Paybooks account that you want to sync, or are looking to get started with a new account, you can do it all from Zoho People itself. This integration keeps employee records consistent with Paybooks across the fields, reflecting any changes made in Zoho People.

Direct Access to Payslips

Employees can access their Paybooks-generated payslips with the salary structure, including bonuses given and deductions made, from the self-service section in Zoho People with a single click. No more juggling between login pages.

Sync Attendance Records from Zoho People

Paybooks incorporates leave records from Zoho People to estimate the exact payout that each employee must receive according to their attendance. The “Quick Push” functionality also allows admins to push details of specific employees.

Set Up Payroll Cycles

Organizations across industries have varied pay cycles, sometimes even across different office locations of the same company. Zoho People allows pay periods to be customized according to the needs of the company, which is mirrored in Paybooks.

Map Payrolls According to Location

You can decide which of your organizations’ locations are to be synced with Paybooks, and categorize the payroll generation according to the location of employees, all from within Zoho People.


Integrating Paybooks and Zoho People brings together comprehensive payroll and HR services for a unified system that can easily handle all your employees’ pay records. We’re excited for you to try out what we’ve brought you!

If you’re looking for more detailed information, check out the payroll integration help page.
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4 Replies to Introducing Paybooks Integration - An Effortless New Way to Sync Your Payroll with Zoho People

  1. Zoho without question offers one of the best productivity platforms on the market today and keeps getting better each day. With that said, Zoho simply has to get aggressive in their development timeframe and introduce a Global Payroll solution, a Budgeting module for Zoho Books and a Procurement module. When Zoho delivers these critical business solutions and adds them to there already amazing Zoho One platform, there will be no stopping them from taking significant market share from the likes of Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and SAP within the mid-market.

    1. We are currently working on a Payroll platform and hope to reveal it soon. Thank you for your ideas, we shall discuss them with the concerned persons.

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