Build integrated solutions with the Zoho Office Suite—introducing Zoho Office Platform

If you're a web developer looking to give your apps built-in document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors with real-time collaboration, look no further. We've built this toolkit just for you!

Twelve years ago, we launched our first-ever cloud app Zoho Writer—an online word processor built for collaborative work. Committed to building a comprehensive office suite that runs entirely on the cloud, we added Sheet (for spreadsheets), and Show (for presentations) less than a year after launching Writer.

Today, we're happy to announce an initiative aimed at sharing our expertise in this segment with developers like you; so that you don't have to go and reinvent the wheel. Meet Zoho Office Platform—a brand-new hub for developer programs, based on the Zoho Office Suite.

Zoho Office Platform for Developers

The Zoho Office Integrator Program

Zoho Office Integrator is a set of simple, easy to integrate APIs to give your apps a built-in document editor. Create, open, and edit documents right from your web app. This is especially helpful for businesses that are building a web application but still need fully-featured office editors to handle document management in-app.

Documents are temporarily uploaded to Zoho's servers when you open or edit it, and then sent back to your storage. Documents opened using our APIs will completely reside in your servers, so you don't have to worry about your data compliance.

An overview of how the Office Integrator model works

To create an Office Integrator-based solution, all you need is some basic programming skills in a language, like Java, C#, or PHP, and an understanding of how web applications work. From a well-documented API guide to a committed support team you can talk to 24/5, getting started and working with Zoho Office Integrator is as easy as it gets.

Connect your apps to the Zoho Office Suite using our Open APIs

Zoho Office Platform will be home to our OAuth-based Open API programs, as well. This will let your app users create, open, edit, convert, publish, and manage Zoho Office documents right from your app. Take a look at our detailed Sheet and Writer API docs to get started.

[caption id="attachment_51870" align="aligncenter" width="1850"] An overview of how the OAuth-based integration works[/caption]

The Zoho Office Platform journey has started—let us know how we can help make it even better for you by commenting here, or writing to us at

What's stopping you? Get started with building your next big dream, right away! ?

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