Easily import and work with JSON files using Zoho Sheet via Office Integrator

Today, most of the data transitions in the tech industry are happening via JSON files. Be it between servers and clients or across applications, JSON files have been an efficient mode of data handling in various domains including sales, finance, marketing, IT, and more!

Work with JSON data using Zoho Sheet

The new Office Integrator APIs now make it hassle-free for you to import and modify JSON data using Zoho Sheet!

Work with JSON using Zoho Sheet

Update your data  selectively

Want to make only a few minor changes to your data? You can simply make changes and push back those modified ranges instead of the whole file, thus saving the processing load and time!

Update JSON data selectively

Publish and embed

Embed and work on your data with the added convenience of your user interface inside your application or via a shareable link.

Embed and collect data using the API

Collaborate with your team

Two heads are better than one. Loop in your team to review and make changes efficiently on huge data sets in real time without any hassle or passing files around!

Collaborate with your team using Zoho Sheet

To learn more about how to work on JSON files using Zoho Sheet please visit our Office Integrator page.

Try it out and let us know how helpful it was in the comments below! If you'd like more information on the APIs offered or in case of any queries feel free to contact us.


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