How organizations can celebrate Employee Appreciation Day virtually

Employee Appreciation Day is fast approaching! This is a great time to recognize and appreciate the people who were going above and beyond to support your organization through the pandemic—your employees.

6 ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day virtually

With many employees working remotely, it’s best to organize virtual activities that show your employees you care about them and appreciate their hard work. Here are six simple ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this year:

  • Distribute digital awards that reflect your employees’ contributions and hard work towards your organization.

  • Host a virtual happy hour to help teams get together, relax, and appreciate each other’s efforts and hard work.

  • Encourage your employees to share words of gratitude with their peers through online sticky notes.

  • Organize wellness activities like yoga and meditation that help employees take a break from their routine work.

  • Send thoughtful gifts that express your gratitude to your employees.

  • Help your employees grow in their careers by conducting skill courses and counseling sessions with professional career coaches.

Read more about the different ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day virtually in our HR Knowledge Hive.



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