Zoho Show integrates with Zoho Sprints: Gather project insights through visually compelling reports

Presentations are a vital way of communicating information with a group, a team, or even an entire organization. This exchange of information happens at all levels in a company, from the HR team to the marketing team, or as different departments provide periodical updates about projects either within a team or to a client.

It’s easier when there’s was a way to visually represent project reports that break down information for managers to analyze team performance and for clients to gauge their project’s progress.


Introducing Zoho Sprints in Zoho Show

A powerful add-on to help with your project management needs.

Simplify the process of drawing out detailed reports on teamwork items with just a few clicks. With the new Show add-on, Zoho Sprints is available from within Show, making it easier than ever to turn all your Sprints cards into visuals for presentations.

You don’t even have to create new slides every time you compile a report. Simply update all the data in the report’s graphs and charts to the latest project status in your Sprints.


Information sharing: simplified.

Team managers can instantly draw up a report about their team’s work items to get a summary of their team’s progress. This gives managers a clearer representation of the project advancements and helps them stay informed at all times. Managers can maximize the efficiency of their team and keep accurate track of deadlines since all information is clearly laid out in the generated reports.

Visual data in the form of easy-to-understand charts and graphs ensures that clients are presented with actionable data. You can pick and generate these Sprints cards for any sprints or projects you choose. Clients can now easily gather all the data they need about the progress of their project without having to ask for constant clarification and follow-ups.

Manage your projects and team members better by quickly drawing up visual work reports with just a few simple clicks! Add the Sprints add-on in Show and transform the way you create work reports.

Happy Presenting!


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