5 features that make an onboarding software comprehensive

A structured onboarding program is highly necessary to welcome your new hires to make sure that they don’t feel alienated, unwelcome, and isolated. Introducing them to new roles, gadgets, and team members manually can be time-consuming and even a small mistake can hurt their morale on the first day.

5 features to look out for in onboarding software

 That’s why it’s essential to implement comprehensive onboarding software that provides the best onboarding experience to your employees. If you are planning to buy a new onboarding software or upgrade your existing system, here are some features to look out for:

  • Simple interface

Select an onboarding software system that is less complicated, easy to use, and can be customized in a way that is consistent with your organizational policies. Software systems with complicated user interfaces may frustrate your new hires and discourage them from asking for help.

  • Candidate onboarding

In order to help new hires prepare for their new role, it’s necessary to implement an onboarding software with candidate onboarding capabilities. This will help you collect the necessary documents from your new hires, include videos or other files that give them an insight about your organization, send across the necessary paperwork, etc. even before they join your organization.

  • Onboarding reports

A robust onboarding software should have the necessary reporting capabilities to help you get a clear overview of the number of candidates who have been onboarded, who are yet to be onboarded, and who are in the middle of onboarding. This will help you plan the onboarding activities better, without confusion.

  • Onboarding workflows

Onboarding workflows are highly necessary to automate repetitive tasks and make sure that there is no glitch in the process. With onboarding workflows, you can send reminders and emails, details about your organization like, paperwork, policies, and documents, and even training programs that your new hires have to complete.

  • Paperless onboarding

The onboarding software that you choose should have a document management system along with an e-sign feature to digitize the paperwork and make it easy for you and your new hires.

To know more about what to expect from your next onboarding software and how these capabilities can be useful to your organization, head over to our HR Knowledge Hive.


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