Zoho Notebook: The best Evernote alternative in 2023

The best Evernote alternative 2023

Hello, Note-takers!

You would have read that Evernote has increased the price for some of their plans and it's absolutely expensive—we mean it has become the MOST EXPENSIVE note-taking app ever. The sudden price change lets down existing users, many of whom have been using the app for years and now they're looking for an Evernote alternative around. On the other hand, Zoho Notebook, which offers most of Evernote's features plus additional productive features at the best price, is the perfect Evernote alternative. Find out more about Notebook here.

Feature comparison

Let's compare the features of Evernote with Notebook directly and you'll know why we say Notebook is the best choice.



Notebook Pro

Evernote Professional

Core features







File upload




Email & chat

Phone call

Share and collaborate

Share notes, notebooks, and publish notes

Real-time collaboration

Coming soon

Notable features

Recurring reminders

Forward emails to create notes

Note templates

Coming soon

Scan business cards and documents

Search for text in images, handwriting, documents, and PDFs

Web Clipper

Notebook exclusive

Zia (AI-powered writing assistant)

Video Cards


Smart Cards


Audio/Video call with collaborators

Notebook Essential: The free Evernote alternative 

Ask any Notebook Essential user about how the free plan is more effective for ordinary note-takers to manage their notes. It's true—you can sync your notes across unlimited devices in Notebook but in Evernote, you can sync across two devices only. Our notecard and upload size is 30MB and 100MB per month, respectively, with 2GB of cloud storage, whereas Evernote's notecard and upload size is 25MB and 60MB per month, respectively. We also have a lot more features in the free plan to make your note-taking experience better with the best Evernote alternative.

Unbelievably, Notebook has many possibilities to elevate your productivity in different ways. When we say productive, we mean it. Our Notebook Pro is 7x better in price and more noteworthy than Evernote. Simply put, Notebook is on the top for both features and price.

Integrate your favorite apps  

Evernote alternative 2023

Notebook is tightly integrated with some great applications—such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, IFTTT, and Google Suite—to streamline your work without going back to Notebook to take notes. Notebook goes hand-in-hand with Zoho's other productivity apps, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail, and Zoho Projects, to create a "no switching tabs" medium for our users. Find more integrations.

Choose one of Notebook's premium plans  

Notebook Pro, our very first premium plan, is powerfully built to streamline your work with enhanced tools and advanced features—check it out here. We also have some other cool premium plans for various note-taking audiences to help them work better. This includes Notebook for Business, Notebook for Students, and Notebook for Educational Institutions. You can learn more about the paid plans here or you can contact our support team anytime.

Notebook vs. Evernote 

Now, what do you think? Would you rather pay for Evernote Professional at $17.99, at seven times (7x) the higher price of Notebook Pro at $2.49? If you love what you've read about Notebook here, it's not a big deal to switch, it takes just a few minutes. Just click here and migrate your Evernote notes to Notebook, and take advantage of 25% OFF ON NOTEBOOK PRO'S YEARLY PLAN! 

Don't forget to tell us what you like the most in the comments, or write to us at support@zohonotebook.com. 

Happy productive note-taking!


6 Replies to Zoho Notebook: The best Evernote alternative in 2023

  1. Hi, I've used Evernote for years but, with the significant price increase and lack of phone customer service, I'm seriously considering changing. Zoho Notebook sounds good but I'm wondering if I can transfer all my Evernote notes to it. I don't want to lose them.

    1. Yup looks like there is a simple import function direct from Evernote. I've been an Evernote user since 2009, but they have got too greedy for me.

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