Remote Support diaries: Solving the "round and round" problem

I thought I’ll share with you a recent amusing and interesting remote support experience. It involved helping Juan, a friend of mine in UK and his mother in Mexico, both of us ultimately having to control her PC, miles and oceans away. It is interesting how now-a-days members of a family live and work apart in different ends of the world and have to depend on the internet to be a family. You never know when you might get into a situation to remotely assist one of your closest ones with PC software hiccups.

Anyways, I was text chatting to Juan, currently working in UK and was wondering why he was not getting back with his usually witty rapid responses. On my demand for attention, he then told me that his mother in Mexico was driving him nuts complaining…


 My friend put the talking thing and left. Now, the talking thing is going round and round.

He asked me if I could make anything out of it and I said all I can think of and see is a huge question mark in a cloud on top of my head.

After further discussions about what is “talking thing going round and round” going nowhere, I suggested him to make a remote connection to his mother’s PC in Mexico using Zoho Assist and SEE what she was seeing. He said his mother’s computer ideology is such that the monitor is the internet-email and the other box (CPU) is unnecessary. I assured him that if she knows to check her email that will do to gain remote control of her PC. Skeptical but hopeful, he went and started a remote session from the Zoho web page; typed his mother’s email-id and clicked “Start session“.

Glad to receive any email from her son, his mom opened the email, “clicked on one of those blue things with the hand” (email link) and later on Juan’s request clicked on “Join session” from the web page that opened. In minutes Juan was not only viewing but controlling the mouse and working on his mother’s PC located far away in Mexico. Then he typed “Hahaha….I see now what the talking thing round and round is!” I demanded immediate explanation and he insisted it be a suspense.

After a while though, he said he was not able stop the “talking thing” from going “round and round” and some extra help would be good. Ultimately he invited me to also view his mother’s PC by using the “invite” option in Zoho remote support interface. So, three people in different corners of the world were sharing the desktop of a PC in minutes. No internet settings, firewall tweaking, IP address or such. All from our web browsers.

And so, I too figured out what was going “round and round” repeatedly, while it should be going in. It is absolutely amazing how something simple can seem complicated. In collaboration, we browsed through some message boards online on his mother’s computer and after following instructions on one related forum, we got the talking thing to go in. Juan also explained his mother how to talk through it. If you are intrigued to know what was going “round and round“… here to see.

Remote support is simple and effective with Zoho Assist. You can connect to anyone, anywhere even through firewalls/proxies, NAT. You can have an IT technician remotely control your PC right from his office. If you are in IT support, you even have features like Remote PC Diagnostics and built-in file transfer to exchange and install updates and patches. You can collaborate with your colleagues, share your desktops and work as a team. Try Zoho Assist next time you are in need to remotely control a PC.


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