Just In: Zoho Meeting HTML Viewer!

Any online meeting or web meeting will be a painless experience only if joining the meeting is easy and simple. Zoho Meeting, our simple and secure online meeting provider, has made joining a meeting much simpler now, with our new HTML viewer. A viewer is a web page or plugin, with which one can join an online meeting. Zoho Meeting has been offering three viewers, based on Java, ActiveX and Flash for the participants so far. Our Flash-based viewer was developed to do away the installation. But again, it depends on the flash plugin. Hence, we started exploring the latest html technology to get rid of even such minimal dependencies. Thus, we created the new HTML viewer.

This new HTML viewer neither requires any installation nor is dependent on any plugin. Just a single click to join a meeting leads you to the viewer and within seconds you will be inside the meeting.

The HTML viewer is

  • secure, supports corporate proxies and firewalls as the data transmission happens entirely through web browser
  • robust and increases the screen refresh rate i.e., the speed of the desktop sharing
  • browser-friendly, as html talks in the browser’s native language, which is not the case with plugins.
  • user friendly, as participants can request control to the host desktop seamlessly.
  • supported by Google Chrome (1+), Mozilla Firefox (3.0+), Internet Explorer (9+), Safari (3+) and Opera (9.5+).

Do check out our Live Demo to see this viewer in action. Also, check the step-by-step guide to enable HTML viewer for your meeting participants.

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6 Replies to Just In: Zoho Meeting HTML Viewer!

  1. I have just made a test run of the new Zoho meeting. It is nice to see the steps in the right direction. The application works but it is slower that other free choices available. Nice but needs work.

  2. Dear SanjmehThanks for your comment. Switch Presenter hasn't worked in your case which can be due to a java plugin related issue. Our support team will contact you shortly to resolve this issue.

  3. I started to test Zoho meeting, and my partner could not join the meeting. She was on Chrome on windows and it kept saying installing Java or ActiveX. It started once in view only mode and did not transfer control to her when I wanted to.
    Second time, it again started installing something.

  4. This website seems very useful for a classroom setting. The students in any age classroom could use this application to video chat with students from a foreign country. This could help students communicate with people who have a different language, aiding them in their pursuit of a new language. In a one on one setting.Another resource that this application utilizes it the note taking app. Students who have a hard time taking notes at the speed of other students, will be able to keep up. This is a great app and I wish I was able to use this when I was younger.

  5. I've used a lot of online meeting tools, just excited to use ZOHO Meeting as I'm using zoho creator & CRM for couple of months.

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