Introducing co-organizers for webinars in Zoho Meeting

Hosting a webinar comes with its share of challenges. First of all, you need to deliver a presentation that creates an impact on your audience. Secondly, you need to answer attendees’ questions and launch polls during your presentation. So what’s the key to delivering excellent presentations, providing instant answers, and engaging your audience with polls, all at the same time? Zoho Meeting introduces co-organizer support to help you manage and host webinars better.

Add co-organizers to host webinars better using Zoho Meeting.

Webinar co-organizers can do everything an organizer can, except start the webinar. They can answer attendees’ questions, launch polls, record webinars, change presenters, and deliver presentations. Here are a few ways in which co-organizers can help make your webinar a success.

Make anyone a co-organizer.

Invite anyone as a co-organizer for your webinar. A co-organizer doesn’t need to have a Zoho Meeting account to become part of your webinar. They can join the webinar at the scheduled time in a single click using the ‘Join’ link. You can have as many co-organizers as you want for your webinar and assign different tasks to each. Co-organizers can also deliver a part of your webinar presentation.

Add as many co-organizers as you want.

Provide instant answers.

Most webinars hold Q&A sessions at the end of the presentation. However, attendees often come up with their questions during the course of the webinar, not just at the end. They may also sometimes need technical assistance while attending your webinar. A co-organizer can take up the task of providing timely responses and help to your audience. Your attendees feel valued when their concerns are heard and the presenter can focus solely on their presentation without diversions.

Prepare and launch polls.

Polls are a great way to engage your webinar audience and understand their business needs and requirements. Co-organizers can create polls before the webinar and launch them at the right intervals during the presentation. With co-organizers to launch polls at the right time, the presenter can be free of responsibilities other than giving the presentation.

GIF showing co-organizers in a live webinar.

Record the webinar.

Although it might seem unimportant, there’s every chance that the organizer may forget to click the Record button when the webinar starts. Co-organizers can handle this task as well so that you do not miss out on recording your webinar and sharing it with others.

Handle unexpected glitches.

Overcome unexpected glitches faster. If your system happens to freeze, your co-organizer can take over to keep the webinar running. Or you can switch to your co-organizer’s system and continue presenting without leaving your audience lost.

Add co-organizers the next time you schedule a webinar and let us know how it goes. Write to us at or leave a comment below.


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10 Replies to Introducing co-organizers for webinars in Zoho Meeting

    1. Hi Gary, The feature that lets you add co-presenters to meetings is currently in our roadmap. If you have any specific requirements related to this, please let us know by writing to us at However, you can add co-organizers for webinars even after a webinar has been scheduled.

  1. Dear Sir, In Zoho webinar how many co-host/speaker/co-organiser in addition to attendees in 250 plan like in zoom webinar there are 100 penalist in addition to attendees in every plan. I am asking this to switch over to Zoho as I was using zoom since March 2020 and I buy Zoho meeting and now I want to upgrade to 250 webinar

  2. Hi Sera, quick question- If a Co-organizer records the webinar and he is external client than where can he/she view the recording and download it?

    1. Hi Malavika, Although a co-organizer can record a webinar, only the actual organizer will have access to the webinar recording. The organizer can access it under 'My Recordings' in their Zoho meeting account. The organizer can share the recording link with others and they can view it online or download it.

    1. Hello Evan, Yes. Co-organizers can speak during a webinar just like the organizer. The voice of the organizer and co-organizers can be recorded as well along with the screen sharing.

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