Hold real time meetings from Zoho CRM with the new Zoho Meeting integration

Meet with your leads right from your Zoho CRM

Developing effective sales pitches and closing deals require clear communication with your leads, contacts, and team. However, switching between your CRM and third-party apps to make phone calls and conduct meetings can get tiresome. The new Zoho Meeting integration lets you conduct online meetings with leads and contacts directly from your CRM account. This means that you can schedule meetings, invite participants, set reminders, start meetings, and share recordings from Zoho CRM.

Meet with your leads right from your Zoho CRM

Set up meetings by simply creating an event in the Activities module and marking it as an online meeting. All the online meetings you schedule will appear in your CRM Events list. From here, you can select any meeting and start it at the scheduled time.

Schedule meetings or meet instantly

Create a meeting and add your CRM leads and contacts. Invite anyone outside your CRM by simply entering their email address. Everyone you invite will receive an invitation email with the link to join your meeting at the scheduled time and an RSVP option to inform you about their attendance or absence. If a conversation can’t wait, you can meet with any of your leads or contacts immediately using the Meet Now option.

Scheduling a meeting from CRM

Start meetings on time with a single click

Potential deals and promising leads can’t be taken for granted. Set multiple reminders at chosen time intervals so that you can prepare for important meetings. At the scheduled time, start your meeting from the reminder pop-up, calendar, or the Activities module in Zoho CRM.

 Communicate through video and screen sharing

Switch from phone calls to real-time video meetings and presentations to convey ideas more efficiently. Interact directly with your leads through video, and share your screen or an application window, to deliver a presentation or demo. Allow any participant to present during a meeting using the Switch presenter feature.

Access recordings and reports

Record your meetings, access recordings, and share them with anyone directly from your CRM account. Play recordings online or download them if you want. You can also read chat transcripts and attendee reports after meetings are over.

Engage your prospects with this powerful integration of Zoho Meeting in Zoho CRM. Please share your thoughts by writing to us at support@zohomeeting.com or leaving a comment below. 

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