Customer spotlight: How Zoho Meeting enhanced business collaboration for a payroll service company

With the recent updates to Zoho Meeting, you may have experienced easier conferencing in your online meetings. This new version has made a notable impact on business collaboration for Associate Business Service, which has clients around the world.

Associate Business Service (India) Pvt. Ltd. started off with payroll administration in 1996, and gradually grew its business. Now the ABS team creates value for their clients by rendering excellent outsourced payroll processing, back office maintenance, stock option administration, and fixed asset management services. Their client base includes manufacturing industries, information technology companies, finance and marketing, and much more.

How Zoho Meeting enhanced business collaboration for a payroll service company

“We host frequent meetings with our clients staying apart geographically, train auditors and give away KT to other trainers,” said the company’s manager, Mr. Chandra Sekar CJ.

The challenge faced by the ABS team was to reduce their travel cost and time while increasing their ROI. As the company grew, their travel needs grew also: to train auditors at various locations, to provide knowledge transfer to coworkers, and to satisfy clients with the best service. But this travel actually became a big hurdle for their growth. They needed a solution that would cut the extra cost and time invested on those travels. Finally, they came to the conclusion that the right online tool is the best solution and their search began then.

The team’s biggest needs in a web conferencing tool included:

  1. Flawless screen sharing.
  2. Internet calling and phone conferencing.
  3. Ability for participants to join the meeting without any technical hurdles.
  4. One tool that works for both smaller meetings and larger webinars.
  5. Reliable customer support.

They tried out many tools (including WebEx), but ended up disappointed. Finally, they found Zoho Meeting to be best suited for their business collaboration.

Chandra Sekar has found that Zoho Meeting works as well for his 25-person webinar sessions as it does for his 5-person team meetings and said, “We have used various international products, but never seen such crisp and user-friendly options. Also, the support provided by the Zoho team is outstanding.”

Wondering if Zoho Meeting suits your business collaboration needs? Take a 30-day trial and try it out in a few meetings. Do share your experience with us.


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