Relationship advice for Sales Professionals

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the sales funnel. We at Zoho Marketplace have just what you need to help you win your leads' hearts and get them to commit. Here are a few Zoho CRM integrations that can guide you through every stage of the customer lifecycle. We hope you find your perfect match!

Find out who's really into you

LeadfeederAnalyzes web traffic to tell you which companies have visited your site, so you can qualify and track them in Zoho CRM. Learn more >
Ads WorkbenchSynchronizes data from all your lead generation sources with Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Look out for relationship red flags

Red Flag AlertAutomatically updates Zoho CRM with key business and financial information so you know whether they have the right credit profile to use your product or service. Learn more >
Zoho SalesIQSegregates prospective leads from junk leads, based on their browsing patterns when visiting your website. Learn more >

Get the contact information you need to know them better 

LinkMatchAllows you to match, save, and update LinkedIn profiles to Zoho CRM. Learn more >
AeroleadsHelps you find and transfer email addresses and phone numbers of prospects and leads to Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Make the first move

TelephonyLets you call your leads and customers from Zoho CRM in a single click, without having to move between multiple devices or windows. Learn more >
SMSOffers bi-directional text messaging, so you can send and receive SMS messages from leads and contacts in CRM. Learn more >

Schedule the first date

CalendlyEnables you to book appointments with customers directly from Zoho CRM, and automatically updates any changes made to appointments. Learn more >
Zoho BookingsAllows you to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with your Zoho CRM contacts and leads. Learn more >

Get there on time

LeadProximityUpdates the distance and driving time from the set location to a lead or contact's address. Learn more >
Zoho SmartSchedulerFacilitates easy appointment-setting, dispositioning, and route optimization based on Google Maps. Learn more >

Follow up after the first date

TruCadenceHelps you schedule follow-ups and engage with your leads across multiple communication channels, such as email, phone calls, social media, and text messages. Learn more >
KlentyLets you reach out to prospects by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups to boost engagement. Learn more > 

Seal the deal with an "I do"

iQuoteXpressAutomates document creation so you can easily send out professional-looking contracts and proposals in a few clicks. Learn more >
DocuSignEnables users to securely access and sign their documents from anywhere. Complete approvals and agreements quickly. Learn more >

Time to win those leads over. Happy Valentine's Day!

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho CRM with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace. 

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