ProTips: 5 ways to increase conversion rates with interactive content

This a guest post by Etee Dubey, Outgrow.

Increasing the conversion rate is one of the biggest issues marketers face today. It is complex and quite often very hard to figure out. Today, more and more marketers are looking for solutions that can optimize their conversion rate to get the best-qualified leads. Interactive content is proving to be one such solution. With its highly personalized content and no-code build, interactive content is becoming synonymous with a high conversion rate. Read this blog to learn more about interactive content and the best practices you should use to raise your conversion rate.

ProTip 1: Create interactive content that provides real value to customers for increased engagement and a higher lead generation rate.

Benefit: The best way to increase your lead generation rate is by helping the prospects with any issue they are dealing with. This increases their chances of associating with your brand. In fact, this employs the marketing psychology of reciprocity. Your prospects feel obliged to provide their contact information if you have helped them with a solution.

For instance, if you are an email marketing services provider, you can create a calculator that evaluates the email marketing ROI of your prospects. This way, your prospects can gain an insight into their email marketing practices and can stand to make real optimization efforts based on those insights.

ProTip 2: Nurture your leads through interactive content that fits the customer’s stage in the funnel.

Benefit: Using relevant interactive content for your prospects at different stages of the funnel will ensure that you are providing them with custom content. This is directly related to your lead generation success.

The top of the funnel can be interactive content that aims to educate the customer. Interactive ebooks, webinars, giveaways, and outcome quizzes can be a great way to educate the customer about your solutions and make them understand what they stand to gain from them.

Leads at the middle of the funnels can benefit greatly from the use cases of the solutions you presented earlier. This is a great time to send them interactive content that helps them evaluate your business and your product. Here, you can utilize product recommendations and cost calculators to nurture your leads by providing personalized and helpful recommendations and results. The only difference is that interactive content will help you provide those insights in a far more fun and engaging way than simple blog posts and emails.

Finally, you can aid your bottom of the funnel leads with ROI and savings calculators. This will help your customers make the final decision and help them understand why you stand out from your competitors.

ProTip 3: Use your interactive content in social media ads to further promote your content efforts. 

Benefit: Interactive content is widely considered to be value-driven because it provides something to the customers in return. Moreover, it responds to people’s queries in real-time. Consequently, ads that include interactive content get more clicks than passive ads.

Interactive content can help you get the best ROI out of your ads. Most marketers today analyze their ad channels and amplify their success by using interactive content. The major boosting factor here is that interactive content requires minimal investments but promises the highest ROI through personalized, targeted, and engaging ads.

ProTip 4: Segment your leads to target them with more personalized and targeted offers.

Benefit: Interactive content makes it easier to target your customers with personalized communications by helping you gather a massive amount of relevant and useful lead information. This information can then be used to segment your leads and send them more targeted and personalized offers. Naturally, this increases your chances of converting those leads exponentially.

For instance, let’s assume you work in residential construction and are looking to collect leads online. You can choose to create a construction cost calculator. Through this experience, you stand to gain a lot of leads and information about the lead's budget, their choices, and preferred geographical location for the house. This will allow you to create a better buyer persona for your leads. You can then use this information to send targeted offers based on any of this information.

ProTip 5: Use interactive content to gain partners for your business by increasing your lead generation rate. 

Benefit: Interactive content can help you gain affiliates as it allows you to leverage what they stand to gain by working with you. You can choose to create an Affiliates ROI Calculator or a Commission Calculator. This will allow your affiliates to estimate their potential earnings if they work with you. Moreover, you can embed interactive content on the landing pages that you use to answer their queries and provide more information about your affiliates program. Finally, you can use polls and surveys to collect feedback from your existing affiliates. Understanding their issues and resolving them efficiently is key to retaining affiliates.

Furthermore, you can use interactive content to attract agency partners as well. A lot of companies offer educational programs to attract agency partners, These programs include software training, support, and insight into the industry. Interactive assessments can be used to make those educational programs more personalized and engaging. Moreover, chatbots can be used to answer any queries raised by your agency partners 24/7 without interruptions.


Interactive content is proving to be a one-stop solution for many marketers today. It is appealing because it requires absolutely no coding and is fairly easy to embed in emails, websites, and landing pages. Moreover, it helps to collect a lot of valuable customer data that can be used to segment and thereby target leads. We hope that this article helped you understand the various uses of interactive content and how it can be used to get the highest conversion rate possible!

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