ProTips: 5 ways to improve sales performance and generate more business

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Every day your sales team gets a list of phone numbers, but this list is not that ready to be worked on and your team is instructed to call every one of those leads to gauge interest and get a quick win.

These leads are not qualified at all, so your sales reps will end up dialing wrong/inactive numbers. These unqualified calls take up your team's valuable time and are demotivating. There are two well-known time eaters.

1) Calling fake or incorrect phone numbers

2) Calling at an inappropriate time that turns your cold call to frozen

Days run, and you will have wasted a substantial number of hours contacting spam prospects. This is where Phone Checker for Zoho CRM comes to the rescue. Phone Checker for Zoho CRM helps enrich data and qualify leads by phone number so that your sales reps connect with the leads on the first call.

5 protips to improve sales performance and generate more business

ProTip 1: Create a workflow in Zoho CRM that levels up the priority of new leads with real phone numbers.

Benefit: This makes your sales team more efficient by prioritizing the leads with correct phone numbers and connecting with them on the first call. Save your salespeople's valuable time, and dramatically reduce the time between the arrival of a new lead and the first phone call. After all, 30-50% of the sales go to the vendor that responds first.

ProTip 2: Consider using Zoho CRM Scoring Rules functionality to give different score count for leads with different Phone Status Field. For example: 100 points for ‘Real(Mobile)’, 50 points for ‘Real(Stationary)’, 0 for ‘Unknown’ and -10 for ‘Fake’ (later, verify these numbers manually for formatting).

Benefit: Huge time savings! If a salesperson saves just 2 hours each day making check-up calls, it amounts to 450+ hours saved per sales rep each year!

ProTip 3: Use Phone Checker for Zoho CRM to auto-fill the country field if the phone number is real and the country field is empty. Moreover, you can set up Lead Assignment Rules to move the right Segment of Leads to the right Local Sales Team.

Benefit: Determine the right time zone and phone line to make a sales call. Knowing the lead's country allows you to assign the right sales rep and call at the right time, to make that first contact as effective as possible.

ProTip 4: If you have a database of Leads and Contacts in Zoho CRM that your sales team has never touched, you're probably wondering if these leads and contacts can generate fresh sales for you, without you spending too much time and resources in calling each contact. Try this: apply tips 1, 2, and 3 to old leads by mass updating a segment of old untouched leads.

Benefit: The Phone Checker extension for Zoho CRM will validate all phone numbers of the leads and turn them into qualified leads. Mass verification of phone numbers can help you generate new sales opportunities from untouched contacts with minimal effort.

ProTip 5: Enforce your automation of lead qualifying by adding another productive extension: Email Checker for Zoho CRM. Once you find out that a lead's email and phone are fake or wrong, you can disqualify the lead automatically.

Benefit: Save up to 30% of your sales department's time by implementing productivity tools like Phone Checker and Email Checker. Phone Checker for Zoho CRM cleans, formats, and validates phone numbers, while email checker will validate email addresses. This way you will have a clean and reliable database filled with correct phone numbers and email addresses.

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