Multi-channel sales engagement: The why and how

This is a guest post by Sam Aparicio, CEO of

Sales pros who do sales development seek to mass-engage prospects one on one to uncover sweet spot opportunities that could be available to buy in the very near future. The urgency of sales development is clear: we’re looking for buyers with pressing needs who fit our target buyer persona.

In the last decade, one of the most effective methods of outbound pipeline generation has been to call prospects. But why restrict your outreach to just one channel when you can reach out to customers through both email and text messages and increase your chances of converting them to a customer?

In the last few years—video has become an effective sales communication channel, if you can get a video meeting with your prospect, you have something of value that will produce tons of engagement. And its asynchronous anti-particle, the video postcard, is also rapidly rising as a secret weapon of prospectors everywhere. But video is not high volume. It works best when paired with other channels.

Enter multi-channel sales engagement

If your sales development shop is just doing phone calls, or just emails, then you’re not deploying your outreach weapons as an interconnected system. The bottom line is that these communication channels work best when paired with each other.

That brings us to tooling

The key to maintaining a healthy sales development pyramid is to make it easy for reps to mix it up when it comes to outreach methods. Good tooling promotes a healthy development pyramid by making it easy to deliver the right message at the right time with minimum effort from the rep.

In recent years, sales development pros have seen a plethora of communication software emerge. At first, the impetus was to move from physical phone systems to virtual ones. Then came a wave of specialized calling software that solved the unique needs of high-volume sales developers. Then generalist video conferencing burst onto the scene. And now we’re seeing specialized, CRM-integrated, multi-channel, all-in-one communication software for sales pros.

As you consider upgrading the tools for your sales development team, here are some things to look for as you consider building a tech stack for sales development:

  1. Does it support the newest interaction types (live video, video postcards, voicemail drop, SMS, etc.)?
  2. Does it allow me to structure a multi-channel sequence of interactions?
  3. Does it tightly integrate with my CRM? checks off all those criteria. This telephony system integrates with Zoho CRM seamlessly to empower sales reps to convert more leads by enabling them to engage via both calls and SMS.

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