Converting more sales with email signatures

This is a guest post by Bernardo Castro, founder of Bybrand.

When exchanging messages with customers, an important element is having a standardized email signature for your sales team. This aspect is often overlooked by sales team managers, thereby missing an opportunity to improve the potentially exceptional experience that email has to offer.

The issue with simple email signatures  

If your follow-up or sales emails have a simple block, such as [Att. Your name] at the end of each message, you're losing out on the chance to implement more friendly and professional email communication that can improve your customer experience.

A plain text email signature does not generate any value for you, which is why you should know the benefits of an HTML email signature.

What are the pros of having HTML email signatures?  

Using an HTML signature for the emails you send from Zoho CRM has advantages for sales teams.

If you have a sales team that works by sending many emails, you should take the opportunity to involve the entire team in crafting a perfect email signature. This block at the end of each email message sent, besides improving branding, will also help you provide your customers with a uniform customer service experience.

It allows you to offer more personal communication, with the potential to improve click-through rates, website visits, and calls (by highlighting a phone number). 

Email signature management for Zoho CRM users  

If your company has a small sales team, let's say up to 5 users using Zoho CRM, you may want to create signatures manually. You can even use free software—there are many options you can find with a simple Google search.

But what if your company has a bigger sales team, like more than 10 salespeople using Zoho CRM and the email channel daily to exchange messages with customers and potential customers? In this case, using a simple email signature builder and creating signatures manually can be a job that takes days.

Instead, you can simply use the Bybrand extension for Zoho CRM, to manage email signatures for your sales team in a fast and efficient automated way. This native integration will save you many hours of work you would otherwise have to do manually. Bybrand's integration with Zoho CRM enables you to:

  • Control the email signatures of Zoho CRM users
  • Save time by standardizing email communication
  • Utilize native integration, without sending complex tutorials to the end-user
  • Send more professional emails, leading to more successful deals

Final thoughts  

Within Zoho CRM, email is an essential channel of communication with potential and existing customers. Therefore, a modern HTML email signature on your outgoing emails will immediately improve sales efficiency.

If you're an administrator who needs to manage many email signatures, you know that dealing with too many manual processes and switching between applications, not to mention implementing the email signature for each employee's account, can be an expensive task.

That's where Bybrand for Zoho CRM comes in—providing you with a quick way to create, manage, and implement more uniform communication for your salespeople.

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