Ask an Expert: Use background screening integrations for better hiring

Every business wants the best talent, and recruiters have never been under more pressure to improve the quality of their hires and fill positions fast. We asked Shay Robertson, Director of Client Services at Verified First, to share some advice on how recruiters can make their screening process more efficient. 

1. How does a background screening platform like Verified First make a recruiter's life easier? 

For talent acquisition professionals, time to hire and quality of hire are always top of mind. Verified First helps recruiters by simplifying the screening process. Our innovative browser extension, coupled with Zoho Recruit, provides organizations with a user-friendly, streamlined way to order, track, review, and take action on background and drug screenings for applicants. Verified First also provides most of the required forms within Zoho Recruit through our browser extension. In the event a candidate is not selected, Zoho Recruit users can take pre-adverse and adverse action. Verified First handles any applicant disputes.

2. What should a business look for in a screening provider?  

When you are choosing a background screening provider, you should choose one that is affiliated with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Other important factors are their dedication to FCRA compliance. Finally, US-based client services and favorable customer reviews are indicators that you’ve selected the right Zoho Recruit partner.

3. With hundreds of background screening service providers, why choose Verified First?  

First, we check all of the boxes above. Verified First also averages a 97% client satisfaction rating. One of our customers’ favorite qualities about Verified First is that we pick up the phone. We average 15 seconds to answer. Some other highlights are that our services do not include long-term commitments or setup and maintenance fees ever. You only pay for what you use. On top of that, Verified First also offers drug testing, Form I-9, and E-Verify services in addition to background screening.

4. How can Zoho Recruit users get the most out of Verified First? 

Verified First's native integration with Zoho Recruit enables users to get the best of the two solutions. We use data stored in Zoho Recruit to automatically pre-fill background orders with applicant information and place the order directly within Zoho Recruit. Moreover, connecting Verified First with Zoho Recruit is quick, easy, and involves little to no IT involvement. Unlike traditional API integrations, our browser extension enables Zoho users to start screening from Zoho Recruit in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Users of Zoho Recruit and Verified First can triple their time to hire and double their quality of hire and recruiter satisfaction (Aptitude Research, 2019).

5. How can Verified First for Zoho Recruit help HR departments avoid costly hiring mistakes?  

As labor laws change, our technology allows for package updates as our clients work with their legal teams to maintain compliance. Verified First also provides consistency in the screening process, especially from one location to another, with pre-built screening packages as needed by our mutual clients.

6. Please share some best practices to help recruiters make their screening process better and easier. 

  • Use technology that is easy to install and quick to set up. Verified First, for instance, can be installed in a matter of minutes via a browser extension. Verified First delivers the best services by providing a better experience, more convenience for recruiters, and an intuitive solution to empower recruiters and their screening processes.
  • Develop a company policy that keeps you compliant with federal, state, and local mandates as well as any potential industry-specific regulations that may apply to your organization. Individual states may have different requirements for how employers can conduct pre-employment background checks, credit checks, drug tests, and employment or education verifications. To mitigate regulatory compliance risks, get your legal team involved in developing your company’s hiring policies. Know your legal and regulatory footprint for every location, and put systems in place to help maintain compliance.
  • Put your background screening policies in writing. A written background screening policy can help an employer enforce its screening standards across internal departments and outside vendors. A written policy can also help protect an employer from potential discrimination claims.
  • Go beyond just criminal searches. Consider the benefits of additional background check types. For example, performing drug tests may help ensure a more productive workforce, while verifying past employment and education history helps ensure the accuracy of information provided on a resume or job application.
  • Reassess your background screening policies often. With rapidly changing laws, regulations, and technology, it's recommended that employers assess their programs through regular self-audits. To maintain compliant and effective background screening practices, involve your human resources, legal, and executive teams in regular self-audits.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the material in this Q&A for Zoho Recruit is for information purposes only. It is general and should not be relied upon or construed as a legal opinion or legal advice.


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