Add efficiency to every step of your recruitment process

Finding the right candidate for a role is a task in itself, and the organization's size, structure, and industry can add another layer of complexity to your operations. However, with a little help, you can simplify your recruitment process, make it more effective and efficient, and allow it to run like a well-oiled machine.

Extensions for each stage of the recruitment lifecycle

With over 80+ Zoho Recruit extensions that connect your other recruitment tools with Zoho Recruit, you can facilitate smoother workflows and data synchronization between applications with zero coding.

Stage 1: Preparing

Between backfilling and ever-changing hiring requirements, data can help you better prepare for your recruitment needs. Integrating a data analytics tool like Zoho Analytics with Zoho Recruit allows you to analyze information and make data-driven decisions.

Stage 2: Sourcing 

Building a talent pool often involves posting a job across multiple job boards, and keeping track of all the candidate applications from these multiple sources is difficult.

However, there's a simple workaround. Integrating the job boards you use with Zoho Recruit will allow you to view all incoming candidate profiles in one place.

Zoho Recruit seamlessly integrates with several job sites across the globe including the ones listed below.

Stage 3: Screening

Synonymous with looking for a needle in a haystack, screening is a long and time-consuming process. But with a tool like Resume Extractor, which allows you to parse online candidate profiles, add them to your Zoho Recruit account, and even associate them with a job opening, you can drastically cut down the time it takes to screen candidates.

 Stage 4: Selecting

Organizations employ a variety of assessments depending on the role they are hiring for. These could be telephone interviews, video interviews, personality tests, aptitude tests, language assessments, code assessments, and more.

Zoho Recruit integrates with different testing platforms, allowing you to set up interviews, start assessments, and view a candidate's performance—all from Zoho Recruit.

Stage 5: Hiring

Before issuing an offer letter to a candidate, organizations often conduct background checks to ensure that the information provided by a candidate is factually correct. Integrating your background screening application with Zoho Recruit will allow you to order background checks (BGCs), receive status updates, and access the results from Zoho Recruit. Accurate Background Check, HireRight, Verified First, and Checkr are just some of the BGC extensions offered on Zoho Marketplace.

Hiring also involves a lot of paperwork that requires several signatures. Zoho Recruit integrates with e-signature tools like Adobe Sign and DocuSign, so you can have faster turnaround times on completed job offer agreements.

Stage 6: Onboarding

Once a candidate is hired, they need to be added to the organization as an employee. The Zoho People - Zoho Recruit integration makes this easy; simply changing a candidate's status to Hired in Zoho Recruit updates the same individual’s profile in Zoho People to Employee, allowing you to initiate onboarding instantly.

Work smarter with extensions to help you during every recruitment stage. Explore Zoho Marketplace> 


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