5 ways to boost employee morale

This is a guest post by Xoxoday Plum.

Employees are the greatest asset at any organization—and keeping employees happy is key to a successful business, as poor employee morale results in a domino effect that negatively impacts efficiency and effectiveness, and increases employee turnover rate.

Here are 5 ways to boost employee morale at your organization:

1. Recognize good work

When an employee stands out by doing exceptional work, make sure to recognize their effort and their achievements openly. Be it working on a weekend to solve a customer issue, or showing commitment to company values, recognizing employees not only makes them feel more inclined to continue with great work in the future, but the rest of the team will feel encouraged to follow their lead, as well.

Whichever part of the world your employees are working from, don’t give up on any opportunity to show appreciation with Amazon gift vouchers, a preloaded Visa card, or even a raise.

2. Reward quickly and often

Employees find value in being acknowledged for their achievements—in the form of incentives, spot awards, and more—sooner rather than later. Just think of the phrase, "incentive delayed, is incentive denied." While instant gratification is a huge morale boost to the achiever, it motivates others on the team to compete harder to reach their goals.

So, be it a large deal closure, employee birthday, or work anniversary, make sure there's a platform in place, like Xoxoday Plum, that sends out rewards and incentives to employees instantly.

3. Invest in employee development

The more competent employees are, the more productive they'll be. To make sure your team is always ready to tackle any challenge and keep up with the changing technology landscape and innovations in the industry, invest in employee learning and development.

Courses, seminars, workshops, and mentoring programs will help your employees grow professionally, making them more skilled and, as a result, more efficient and productive in the workplace.

4. Offer exclusive perks and benefits

No matter where employees are working from—whether home or office—offering perks, benefits, and exclusive offers like special discounts on essentials, groceries, leisure, and gifts is always a great way to keep them motivated and connected to the organization.

5. Provide health and wellness benefits

One of the most important benefits that employees care about is their health-related ones. Medical benefits like health, dental, and life insurance, and disability income protection and long-term care will show the employees that your company values their contributions as well as their wellbeing.

Health and dental insurance, the most vital of all the medical benefits above, will, among other things, help your employees get private rooms in hospitals should they need them, cover the costs of prescription drugs, and offer them a choice of different dental treatments. Disability income protection covers the employee’s compensation in case they get sick or injured, while long-term care compensates for expenses for ill or injured employee care.

The integration between Xoxoday Plum and Zoho People empowers organizations to do all this and more, directly from Zoho People. Once the integration is enabled, Xoxoday rewards points that can be accessed inside Zoho People. These points can then be used as a form of reward or appreciation. Employees can then redeem their points for various experiences, gift cards, perks, donations, and more.

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