3 ways to gain business insights from your phone calls

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Understanding your customers fuels your business. How old are they? Where are they from? What do they like? What do they do for fun? What other brands do they purchase from? What’s their overall buying power? Armed with these insights, you can build stronger relationships with your existing customers and also increase your chances of closing new business.

When building a relationship with the customer over a phone call, every bit of information in that call can contribute to knowing what customers want and what could be beneficial for the company. So, here's three things you can do to turn your phone calls into a valuable source of business insights.

1. Listen 

Tip: It may sound simple, but listening is imperative for any business trying to gain information from its customers. Listen to what your customers are saying about your brand, products, employees, prices, etc.

Begin by analyzing the recorded phone calls. If your customers are confused about certain products, rewrite that language on your website. If you constantly see customers using the word “expensive,” you might want to consider lowering your prices.

Benefit: Listening to recorded conversations also helps you to analyze your sales pitches and monitor employee conversion rates. If one sales pitch works best, train the rest of your employees on that pitch to convert more customers. If employees are not handling customers in the best way possible, take active measures to ensure they improve their call-handling abilities.

2. Organize and store customer records 

Tip: Organize and store all conversation records and information on specific clients. Use call tags to remind yourself of the category the caller falls into. For example, note specific callers with words like “VIP,” “Interested in Product A,” or “Urgent.” That way, you can retain information on each caller, discover patterns in customer calls, and even connect callers to the rightemployee or department.

Benefit: When contacts are properly organized, you can segment them into groups based on demographic data, geographic data, or any custom category that best fits your business. Analyze customer behavior based on these segments to find valuable insights about your business.

3. Use call tracking 

Tip: The last, but certainly the most crucial, tactic is to use call tracking on your marketing campaigns. What does this mean?

Call tracking is a technique that uses specific phone numbers or codes to track exactly where a customer is calling or visiting from. Which ad did they click on to find your business? What number are they calling from? What city are they in? What was their exact journey to find you?

Benefit: When you can see exactly where your leads came from, you’ll not only understand where a caller is from, but you can also readjust your marketing efforts to focus on what works best.

Wrapping up 

So there you have it. Implement these strategies into your business and gain the most of the conversations you have with your potential customers.

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