Announcing Zoho Marketing Plus: The unified marketing platform for marketing teams

Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus

Today, we're thrilled and proud to announce our next big step toward unifying apps and business processes, this time around for marketing: Zoho Marketing Plus—the unified marketing platform for marketing teams.

In 2012—a decade ago—we launched our email marketing solution, Zoho Campaigns, which was also our first foray into the world of marketing apps. Over the past 10 years, we've been continuously investing in the martech space and have worked with thousands of great marketers and marketing teams around the globe through our individual solutions. As a result, we've come to understand their expectations and challenges in running their marketing campaigns. Zoho Marketing Plus is our answer to those challenges, uniting our marketing tools built over the past decade into a single solution to help marketing teams build and grow their brand. Zoho Marketing Plus offers both the breadth and depth of marketing functionality that businesses of any size need to achieve that growth.

Introducing Brand Studio: seamless campaign execution from start to finish

Marketing tools aren't usually designed to provide a comprehensive, high-level view of campaign results or overall marketing operations. We want to change this with Marketing Plus.

Brand Studio-Zoho Marketing Plus

Through the unification of various marketing and business functions, Zoho Marketing Plus offers high visibility and effective collaboration across every marketing campaign through its powerful campaign workspace, called Brand Studio. Brand Studio connects all the dots of a marketing campaign; it brings all the activities, discussions, channels, brand assets, and stakeholders together into a single place where teams can actually work on campaigns—collaboratively.

No more dropped context or missed opportunities for customer engagements

The unified marketing platform connects email marketing, social media, customer surveys, marketing automation, webinars, website performance tracking, events, and powerful analytics all on one screen. Marketers can create campaigns across channels with ease and measure them all in one place. They don't have to worry about switching between channels or providing context, and can ensure better execution for their brand and a consistent brand experience across touchpoints for their customers.

Get complete visibility into your marketing and overall customer experience

Marketing Plus enables greater visibility into all of your past and current marketing efforts. One benefit our early customers have seen with Marketing Plus is enhanced visibility. The platform provides powerful insights into two important aspects of your marketing process: your marketing projects' execution and progress, and comprehensive marketing and business performance.

With Brand Studio's analytics, teams and leaders can follow how each campaign is progressing and performing, track the real-time status of every activity, and check who has been assigned to each task.

Track activity progress

The platform also comes with powerful dashboards by which you can gauge the success and/or progress of a specific marketing channel or an overview of all of your marketing efforts.

Unified marketing analytics

Using Marketing Plus's AI-driven analytics, teams can simply request whatever type of report or dashboard they require. Through its integration with various third-party apps, the platform can also import useful data from other business functions, like sales, service, or even customer success, so that marketing teams can view the full context of the business and rely on a single source of marketing truth.

Seamless collaboration between every stakeholder

Effective marketing requires collaboration between different team members and stakeholders when it comes to execution. But collaboration generally happens outside of marketing tools and isn't integrated with marketing activities directly—until now. Zoho Marketing Plus empowers teams to discuss launch plans, collaborate on campaign material, co-create brand assets, share important details at the right time, and more–all from within the platform. Over the next 18 months, our aim is to strengthen this even more by leveraging a lot more functionalities of our in-house communication platform, Zoho Cliq.

Collaborate on marketing campaigns with Zoho Marketing Plus

Marketing Plus has been in private beta for about 12 months now and has over 300 paying customers across industries. Here's what some of our early customers love about the platform:

Zoho Marketing Plus customer testimonials

Marketing Plus has also been applauded and recommended by industry experts. Here's what they have to say about the platform:

“Marketing is the growth engine for the modern enterprise, but the complexity of the marketing technology stack has started to get in the way of realizing that growth., Modern marketing teams want tools and technologies that empower a far more collaborative, connected, and organic approach to marketing operations. This is where Zoho's marketing platform delivers, connecting the complex dots of marketing into a single, streamlined pane of glass.”

- Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst with Constellation Research

"Zoho’s marketing platform goes a long way towards consolidating the fragmented technology stack marketers use to create and optimize customer experiences. Instead of a myriad of point solutions, marketers are increasingly looking for integrated applications that work smoothly in concert to help them execute campaigns and measure results. Zoho’s platform simplifies the stack while also connecting marketing tools to the breadth of the expansive Zoho Suite, a significant benefit for marketers and their peers in building innovative experiences."
- Keith Dawson, Vice President & Research Director, Ventana Research

We believe Marketing Plus will help empower CMOs and marketing teams to be more impactful and insightful. We would love for you to try the platform and hear what you think. Here's to the new marketing journey that we'll go on together. #ZohoMarketingPlus


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