Celebrating one year of Zoho Marketing Plus

It's hard to believe that we introduced Zoho Marketing Plus to the world only a year ago. In the blink of an eye, we've witnessed an incredible journey, with a fast growing family of vibrant marketers who have embraced Marketing Plus as their go-to solution for managing their end-to-end marketing needs all in one platform.

We're truly grateful for the trust and confidence you've placed in us. Your belief in our product has been instrumental to our growth and success. We owe it all to you—our valued customers. Happy first anniversary to you, too!

Thank you from the entire Zoho Marketing Plus team! đź™Ź

Here's how our Marketing suite was loved the last year

As marketers, we're bound to love numbers, so let's start with a hearty serving of some numbers from the last year that reflect how Marketing Plus was loved.

  1. The impact of email campaigns is undeniable: Our users have sent a total of 7.87 billion emails.

  2. Each minute that passes sees the publication of five Facebook posts, three tweets, and two LinkedIn posts by marketers contributing to a vibrant and active online presence.

  3. Our customers also wrote over 23 million documents last year and created 7 petabytes of marketing collateral.

Now that we've talked about the numbers, let's look at the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Notable and recent updates 

Your Marketing Plus is getting smarter everyday

We launched our OpenAI integration with Zia earlier this month for Marketing Plus. With generative AI, Zoho Marketing Plus can help you create content from scratch or rephrase the content you already have to improve your sentence structure and vocabulary.

Stay on top of your social media game by using Marketing Plus's generative AI to write multiple variations of captions, create images, and determine which hashtags are most likely to get engagement on social media.

Sending SMS campaigns got easier  

Marketing Plus now comes with Zoho's own SMS gateway, which helps brands design, execute, and optimize SMS campaigns across the globe. Now you don't have to integrate your accounts with third-party services to send SMS campaigns.

Design your social media posts on Marketing Plus with Canva 

With our Canva integration, you can effortlessly design social media posts and publish them directly to your social channels, eliminating the need for multiple tabs and tedious back-and-forth work.

The marketing road ahead for Marketing Plus 

Chat, meet face-to-face, and exchange files with your teammates 

Marketing Plus is soon going to offer a native communication application so you can collaborate with your teammates, send and receive messages, exchange marketing materials, conduct face-to-face meetings, and so on—making collaboration easier than ever.

Create beautiful landing pages soon 

We're working to bring to you landing pages as part of your Marketing Plus subscription. This tool will help you effortlessly create captivating pages, explore different content options using our generative AI, track performance, optimize your pages, and ultimately drive more leads for your business.    

A note from those who built this platform 

We strongly felt a need to build a unified marketing system to overcome all the operational silos that marketing teams face everyday. We believed unification would provide better visibility for marketers to manage their work pipeline and increase the collaboration at work.

With that conviction, we worked on the idea. It's rewarding to see that our idea aligns with your beliefs.

We are always working to expand and bring in more relevant marketing channels and implement new features, such as a marketing calendar and budget management tools, to improve your overall marketing management.

Our aim is to provide you with a more comprehensive and streamlined platform for all your marketing needs.

We greatly value your ideas and feedback. Our team members are actively listening to you through support tickets, forum comments, social media mentions, calls, emails, and more with a goal to always enhance your experience with Marketing Plus.

Thank you for all the love you've given us over the past year!