Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress—sending authentic emails from your website

With the Internet Era here to stay, websites and blogs have become a must-have for any business looking to scale itself up. And when it comes to hosting these websites, WordPress is one of the top choices.

If you’re familiar with the workings of a website, you already know that email plays a big part in managing it—WordPress keeps you in the loop about activities on your site by sending notification emails. But then, are these emails always reaching you?

Maybe, maybe not. That’s why we created the Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress—so your emails always end up exactly where you want them to.

Boost deliverability!

Increase the odds of emails from your website reaching their destination. The Zoho Mail plugin plugs the leaks in email delivery by authenticating emails through your Zoho Mail account. With emails being sent from Zoho Mail servers instead of shared servers, you can count on fast and secure delivery. Configure the Zoho Mail plugin from your WordPress dashboard and then let it do the rest.

Avoid the Spam folder!

Save your emails from falling into the dreaded Spam folder with the Zoho Mail plugin. When it comes to spam checks, the origin of the email is just as important as the content, if not more. Send your WordPress emails through our plugin and they’ll originate from your custom domain with your display name. This ensures your emails always pass the anti-spam checks with flying colors.

Make them click!

On any given day, your users receive heaps of newsletters and notification emails—and making the emails from your website stand out in this clutter can be an uphill battle. The Zoho Mail plugin makes this easy for you. The sender field will display your personal email address instead of the generic WordPress one, adding a tinge of authenticity to your communications. Route your emails through the Zoho Mail plugin, and break through the mundanity of other automated emails.

Now, what if all this was possible while still protecting your login credentials? In contrast to many others, Zoho Mail’s plugin doesn’t require you to provide your Zoho Mail username and password anywhere, and yet it still gets the job done.

If you’re not already part of the 6k+ users enjoying the perks of the Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress, download it here and give it a shot!

Get the complete Zoho advantage: you can now use Zoho Mail along with the broad suite of products that Zoho offers by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One.

37 Replies to “Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress—sending authentic emails from your website”

    1. Hi,
      We’d be happy to help you out. Could you please outline your problem for us?

      1. Getting this error while finishing the “Authorize” button. Tried with couple of user accounts to sign-in to the Zoho Mail. The API ID and secret info is correct, but its failing with this error “You do not have permission to view this directory or page.” Please fix this?

        1. Hi Guru,

          Please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with more details. We’ll have our team work on it at the earliest. 🙂

  1. Hi there, I am working to set up my redirect email on my WP blog. I cannot find the client secret on the developer console after I have entered correct info and received the client ID.
    Can you help, please? Thank you

    1. Hi,

      Once you register the application, the developer console will list only the Client ID, Client name and time. Please click on the dotted icon next to the relevant application and select Edit option to view the associated Client Secret.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. buenos dias, no sé a quien acudir, tengo problemas con mi correo, no recibe mail y tampoco puedo salir..

    1. Hi Jeannette,

      We’re very sorry you’re facing this problem. Please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with the specifics of your issue. We will resolve the issue at the earliest.

  3. Hello, this seems to be a good solution.

    However, after I enter ID, Secret, etc., then click Authorize, and finally Accept… I get this message:
    “HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden”
    The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory or you do not have enough permissions to access the resource”

    Do you think my hosting provider has put some restriction?

    1. Hi Vikas,

      It does look like it might be a restriction by your hosting provider. Having said that, please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com so we can help you resolve this issue with better clarity.

  4. The IMAP/SMTP news for new free accounts broke my heart!

    But this…this… this is like a box of chocolate and some tissue. Won’t take the pain away but this shows you still care and think of us users.

    Thank you very much Zoho! I still heart you guys no matter what!

  5. I tried using the plugin I got this message
    Not Acceptable!
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

    1. Hi Samir,

      Please reach out to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with a screenshot of the issue. We will get back to you promptly to resolve this issue.

  6. This is great ! truly awesome. Just got some question in mind is there any e-mails limits ? like per day or per month.

    1. Hi,

      We do have certain limits to curb any misuse of our services. As these limits involve various factors, please contact us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with your specific requirement so we can handle your query efficiently.

  7. Congratulations. I think there was a huge deficit in this regard. It’s been a good step. I hope it works smoothly.

  8. Well you people just keep giving and giving. Don’t think we don’t all notice! Zoho is awesome!

    1. Hi Samir,
      We’re glad you’re happy with our services! 🙂
      Regarding your query about newsletters, we need more understanding about the nature of the question. Please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com with more information so we can help you better.

    1. Hi Michael,
      This plugin can be used by both free and paid users of Zoho Mail. However, you would have to subscribe to the WordPress Business Plan to be able to install it in your dashboard.

        1. Hello Harsh,
          You can use this plugin irrespective of whether you are a free or paid user of Zoho Mail. 🙂

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