Managing your email attachments got better with Dropbox integration in Zoho Mail

dropbox-zmail-integration-nsWe are glad to announce that we have integrated Dropbox – one of most popular file storage and sharing services out there – into Zoho Mail. You can now add and attach files directly to and from Dropbox while going through your email routine in just a few clicks.

Dropbox lets you conveniently access all your favorite documents, pictures and videos, stored at a central space online, from anywhere. It can also keep your files in sync across devices you have it installed, by storing a copy locally and comes with neat file sharing options.

Well, but what if you find yourself scripting an urgent email on say a public computer without Dropbox installed and would like to fetch some files you recently stored there? You could log into Dropbox in a new tab, download the necessary files locally before attaching them or else use the Dropbox sharing features and then get back to your email. Slightly nagging this, isn’t it?

To make things easier in such situations, we have brought the convenience of Dropbox into Zoho Mail by enabling you to:

Attach files directly from Dropbox
Fire up the new Dropbox action in message compose view to browse through the files in your Dropbox account and select to directly attach them to your message (your Zoho Mail plan’s attachment limits apply).


Store email attachments directly in Dropbox
Use the new Add to Dropbox option provided when you have messages with attachments to directly store them in your Dropbox account.


Getting the hang of how this simple yet effective integration works is pretty straight forward. For stepwise instructions, check our help pages on attaching files from Dropbox and uploading attachments to Dropbox.

We thank the Dropbox team for their help and assistance during the development of this integration.

So Zoho Mail now provides the most number of options to manage your attachments – Zoho Docs, our own file storage application, Google Drive and the latest, Dropbox.

We hope this integration is a useful addition to manage your email attachments. As always, your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome.


31 Replies to Managing your email attachments got better with Dropbox integration in Zoho Mail

  1. Hello I use Zoho email on Mobile There is no such option please let me know solution for same if not there please plan to integrate in next update as it is must

  2. I would like to thank Zoho you have been wonderful and you guys just keep getting better and more advanced I am an owner of a start up promotional marketing company and I see a bright future with you guys. It was exactly what I was searching for after dealing with other email and spreadsheet applications in several companies. Many issues happened on a weekly basis which caused many problems in productivity. I haven't experienced any issues at all with your application and adding this FTP option is an awesome feature which will make things much easier when dealing with clients.

  3. My suggestion/request would be to have SpiderOak as one of the integrated file-storage/transfer services. Just like Zoho, their service is far more secure, respectful of users' privacy and feature-filled than their better-known competition. I like them far more than Dropbox, especially as a free user!

  4. I am currently using a paid version of dropbox for both personal and business. As such folders are shared to those I choose to share them with.
    1) Will dropbox be shared to all members of my zoho mail group (very handy)
    2) If so, will shared permissions still work/

  5. Well, it is nice. But I use sometimes "add picture" into email.
    There is a possibility add picture into email
    from local PC or URL.
    On this place is Dropbox missing.

  6. The CRM team is working on providing Dropbox integration. We'll make an announcement when this is ready.

  7. Thank you all for pitching in with your comments, suggestions and compliments.@ Marat, Thomas, Andy, Christian, Michael,
    We acknowledge your points on not wanting to grant access to all your folders in Dropbox. Our developers have already started working on providing users the option to set only a specific folder in Dropbox to be linked with Zoho Mail. We'll let you know when it is ready.@ Ed, Trevor, christian,
    We do not have plans to integrate with these services at this time.

  8. Dropbox integration is a very nice addition! What's missing from my point of view is adding an attachment to Dropbox automatically while composing an email. This way, I don't have to upload the file separately and then compose the email, I can do it all from the compose window.

  9. Great feature!
    I'm using Dropbox because it is pretty convenient for my pc/smartphone coordination.- Chris

  10. This way, folks who already have a Dropbox account can jump right in with Zoho and not have to move everything to another location. Dropbox is rather limited in creating documents, but a great place to store them. Rather brilliant, if you ask me.

  11. Good feature and simpler than ZOHO docs. I agree that access security by folder is preferred. Let us all know when that is available. However, I have noticed that you cannot attach files into the CRM directly from DropBox like you can Google Docs. Can you look at when this will be available?

  12. I would like to see more functionality from the Zoho Docs in the futre. I also share file with my client and am interested to see how exactly this works.

  13. I like the idea. I like to be able to save the docs in Dropbox and see all my docs in all my office laptops.

  14. I'm confused. Why is there a need for DropBox integration when there is Zoho Docs? Is it because DropBox has MORE functionality than Zoho Docs? If so, what ADVANTAGES are there to using Drop Box vs. Zoho Docs?Ron

  15. This feature is a good idea.
    Not well thought completely. As already noted, it would be useful to align individual folders from dropbox. But also the possibility to save all the emails (or some) to dropbox would be nice. think about it.

  16. I agree with Marat. There is no need to give access to entire Dropbox. This should be customizable. I also agree with Ed that you should add Skydrive.

  17. I use DropBox for all my client projects and this will make working together by email so much easier. Thanks a lot, now if only Zoho Books had the ability to group expenses/income by project I would be a very happy Zoho user.

  18. This is great, except for the dropbox rights I agree with Marat.Anyway, couldn't we go even further and sync' all wanted 'zoho docs' to DropBox to have an offline access of our zoho docs ?Thanks,

  19. This is a step in the right direction - THANK YOU!! I know on the IPad it was possible before provided you had the Dropbox app on the IPad. Both options work well and are easy.

  20. Why does Zoho Mail request access to our ENTIRE Dropbox? Isn't is possible to allow only a specific folder to be accessed by Zoho? Honestly, I don't want to give access to my entire Dropbox folder to Zoho. If you release an update that would allow to add just one folder, I would then start using the feature.

  21. This is great news! Thank you for adding DropBox to our email! It will make it much more convenient to use this email to send large files.

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