Introducing Inbox Insight: A Search Engine For Your Inbox

If you're like me, you read perhaps a hundred emails a day. A few are very important. Some need follow up.  Some become references to important information. Some are reminders. Most are worthless. By the end of the day, you lose track getting to what you need. By the end of the week, you just give up.

Your inbox is now a never ending repository of information with more stuff flowing in than out. Hundreds, or even thousands, of messages are routine. The emails that truly matter get buried, and important tasks slip through the cracks.

That's the problem we solve. 

Meet Inbox Insight -- a search-based email app that's the first of it's kind. Inbox Insight simply gets you just what you need. 

The first thing you notice is that it doesn’t look like any other email app. There is no list of interminable emails. There are no flags, attachments, titles, or summaries. In fact, there isn't even an inbox!

Inbox Insight complements the traditional Zoho Mail mobile app, which users may still use to create and send emails and to browse through inboxes and folders. Instead, Inbox Insight is really a smart search box that sits atop your email. It takes your request and serves you what you need, lightning fast!


Here are some of the ways you might use it:

  • Find a message from about 3 months ago by searching From Charles, From January 1st to April 1st

  • If you happen to know the subject of the email you are searching for, you can modify your search to look like From Charles, From January 1st to April 1st, Subject is Sales Numbers

  • And, if the email has attachments, you can search From Charles, From January 1st to April 1st, With Attachment,

But where Inbox Insight comes into a league of its own is the saved search feature. Any search you make can be saved, so the next time you receive an email that matches that search, you will be notified about it. It's a great way to block out all the noise and be notified only about the emails that matter to you.

The app also gets better as you use it. This is best seen through the automated suggestions that pop up as you start to make your search. Over time, Inbox Insight learns about your contacts, folders, and labels to improve these suggestions, so you wind up typing less, searching less, and finding more.

Inbox Insight could really be called Inbox Zero – for that's how we intend to transform that foreboding inbox.

Get Inbox Insight Now

Inbox Insight is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store starting today. You can read more about the app here.

Download the app now and let us know what you think in the comments below.


43 Replies to Introducing Inbox Insight: A Search Engine For Your Inbox

  1. Nice product. Regarding word wrap. You keep mentioning fixing it in ios app. It also doesn't work in regular browsers. I am using chrome and often have to copy emails to another app to read them.

  2. This app has not worked for me at all. I sign in and get a message that I am an invalid user. I am a paid Zoho mail user as well as a CRM plus paid user. Am I missing something? Is this country specific or do I need to configure something?

  3. Love the service you provide ! Finally a good working, non bloated, ad-free working email provider that's not related to the data-mining company Google. Great app for the iPhone, would like a good app for the iPad as well. Will try Insight soon. Thx !

  4. Great app! Works as promised. Like others, I would love support for multiple accounts. Thanks for the app! Very well written blog too!

  5. Congratulations Zoho Team, Really appreciated your efforts ,Mob app is really wonderful & easy convienient with new options.We are always share your free email domain facilities . Best Regards, Abhijeet Deshmukh

  6. Would help if we could sort emails by sender or subject on desktop version. Then we could more easily find what we want there. Or more easily delete what we don't want! Thanks.

  7. In my Organisation we are Planning to use Zoho Mail but from 40 Employees 10 or More Employees are using Windows Phone so is their any Plan for Zoho Mail app for Windows Phone.

    1. Hey Shubham, There is definitely going to be an Inbox Insight Windows Phone app. We dont have a ETA for it yet, but we’ll keep you posted of further developments.

  8. Interesting... Time will tell how helpfull it is, but it is definitely worth a try. Question: if there a way to quickly access to the filter page, or even have it as defaut when entering the app ? (Android) Wish 1: be able to select the defaut sender address (Zoho is always preset when entering the mail editor). Wish 2: a similar capability when using my PC (e.g. a "filter/notification panel" in the browser window).

    1. Hey Philippe, Thanks for your suggestion about filters, Philippe. We will consider adding this. We are keenly observing typical usage scenarios and will consider the most wanted ones for the next version. For multiple accounts, you can use the compose-view to choose the sender's address, but can't save that as a default yet. We will consider that for our next version.

  9. Looking forward to using this - but why not provide something similar for desktop searching? I work at my computer and that is where I am when I need to search.

  10. I love the app, two suggestions indeed: Add word wrap to the e-mail composing page. It's kinda silly that you can't see what you're typing after a few words ;) Allow for multiple accounts. Keep it up! Vincent

    1. Hello Vincent, Glad you like the app! We’re looking into the word-wrap issue in our iOS app. This will be fixed in our next update. We will add support for multiple accounts as well, but there is no ETA for that. We'll keep you posted.

  11. I am very glad to say that Zoho are doing Great work and Thanks for providing Free Domain with email facility.

  12. What? No word wrap? We're supposed to swipe the page to see what we're typing after 6 words? Cause that's all that fits on the screen without word wrap. Word Wrap, please! Where is the option to create or select an email signature? How do we create and save a signature block? And it would be nice to be able to select a theme. I am not a fan of green. Great app, by the way! I love the interface. Clearly, a lot of thought went into this app. I think it really reflects how people want to interact with their email. DeLisa

    1. Hey DeLisa, We're stoked that you like Inbox Insight! We're looking into the word-wrap and email signature issues in our iOS app. They will be fixed in our next update. Themes are definitely on the road map. We'll keep you posted.

    1. Hi Dean, Thanks for using Inbox Insight. Although we're unable to zero in on a time frame, we can say that dropbox integration is indeed in our road map.

  13. Nice app with good potentials. However, I noticed several bugs: 1. A saved search created based on an item in the "Recent Search" list does not work. For example, you tap on the item "Subject:Hello" under the "Recent Search" list. The search then displays a list of items. You then click "Save" to save the search. However, there's no way to open that search afterwards. (It would show up as a saved search, but clicking on it does nothing). 2. I was having trouble creating a filter with parentheses. I have a subject with the following keyword I want to search "Something (else)". If I create a search using "Something", the search works fine, and return results. However, if I include the parentheses, the search returns nothing.

    1. Hi Johnny, Glad you like the app, and thanks for the feedback. These two issues will be fixed in the next Play Store update. Saving a recent search and searching with parenthesis in our Android app are both issues we're working on. Fixes will be rolled out in the next update.

  14. Thanks for telling us about this new tool. Looks very powerful. I will be downloading it and giving it a spin. Just wondering why your browser based mail client has such poor search. I have all my email going into Outlook just so I can find stuff sometimes that hides when I search in my browser. Are there any plans to upgrade and improve the user experience for the browsers?

  15. When are you going to include Windows Apps instead of just iphone and android? I am going to have to quit zoho soon if I can't make it work with windows phones and integrate as I would will Office 365 and OneDrive. Thank you

    1. Hi Dave, There is definitely going to be an Inbox Insight Windows Phone app. We dont have a ETA for it yet, but we'll keep you posted of further developments.

    1. Hello, There is definitely going to be an Inbox Insight Windows Phone app. We dont have a ETA for it yet, but we'll keep you posted of further developments.

    1. Hello, There is definitely going to be an Inbox Insight Windows Phone app. We dont have a ETA for it yet, but we'll keep you posted of further developments.

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