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Yahoo! Mail just announced that they are blocking users who have ad blockers turned on, from accessing their email. One customer summarized it this way: “And they say @Yahoo can't innovate? They came up with a very innovative way of driving people away from Yahoo Mail.”

The lesson is clear. Web models that depend on advertising will ultimately give short shrift to customer privacy, to continue to stay in business. Users shut out ads to keep their privacy. They also shut them out to avoid a significant source of malware. These choices are now denied to them. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Zoho Mail is ad free. We believe that your email is your private business. Eavesdropping on your messages so we can tailor the ads we show you is not the way we do business. Zoho Mail is also free to individual users and we will keep it that way, forever.

With Zoho you get beautiful email that's constantly innovating and reinventing itself. Try out our social media features, have conversations around your mail messages, share specific folders with others to track events or projects. Use filters, flags, and labels to find stuff instantly. Zoho Mail is on the web and on the mobile.

Migration from your current email is simple. We'll help you import your contacts and even move over your messages to get started immediately.

Sign up for your free Zoho Mail account now. Be assured that we will always respect your privacy.


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  1. All the giants Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook Mail (I'm not sure, but may) eavesdrop our mail and show relevant ads. Zoho never shows ad for personal mail Zoho is always amazing ..

  2. Just to say thanks for a fabulous free service! Been using it for years and still really happy with it - nice redesign too, though mainly use with main iOS client.

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