Introducing Zoho Lens's OCR and QR/Barcode scanning features

The success rate of solving any issue depends on identifying the issue itself. When it comes to fixing electrical components or machinery, field technicians and engineers need to have extensive knowledge of the components to find the cause of the issue and the right solutions. Product information, instruction manuals, and blueprints are great resources to start with but how do you get them from your customer in the middle of your remote assistance session?

Introducing OCR and QR/Barcode scanning features!

Image showing an individual using the OCR and QR/Barcode scanners

Zoho Lens's OCR and QR/Barcode scanning features allow you to scan any text, QR code or barcode visible on the live stream without switching apps, significantly reducing standby time. 

QR/Barcode scanning feature

QR codes and barcodes are found everywhere in this information age due to their capability of storing vast amounts of data within a small space.

While working with components during maintenance or repair, a technician will definitely come across a barcode or a QR code. Customers may not have the essential information of that component and the technician will need all the information they can get to solve the issue. In that case, the technician can use this feature to retrieve the information contained in QR codes and barcodes seen on product labels or tags. 

What can I do with the QR/Barcode scan?

Using Zoho Lens's QR/Barcode scanning feature, you can:

  • Scan any QR code or barcode directly within the session.
  • Share the product information or document link with other participants via chat.
  • Copy the information elsewhere for quick reference.
  • Share the scan results via other apps when using a mobile device.

What is OCR?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a type of technology that recognizes text in a digital image and converts it into a text format that is editable and machine-readable. The Live Text option in Zoho Lens uses OCR to retrieve text from the live camera stream.

What can I do with OCR?

With OCR (known as Live Text in Zoho Lens), you can:

  • Scan product manuals remotely.
  • Share contextual information with all participants in the session.
  • Copy significant details like model names and numbers for further analysis and future reference.
  • Reduce back-and-forth communication for technical details.

How to use these features

The Live Text option (OCR) and the Scan (QR/Barcode) option in Zoho Lens are available to both technicians and customers in a session. While text can be scanned by anyone without any limitation, the QR codes and barcodes that can be scanned by a participant depends on the device that is sharing the camera stream. We've compiled a list of supported barcode formats for each device as a quick guide for you.


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