Paperless signing made easy for Australian businesses with Zoho Sign

The Australian Government has launched various initiatives to make Australia a leading digital economy by 2030. Numerous plans and policies under the Digital Government Strategy, such as the digital marketplace and creating a digital identity, have been introduced to make this a reality.

The heart of every economy lies in the business transactions happening within it. But switching entirely over to digital transactions may not be easy for businesses that are accustomed to a more traditional approach.

This is where Zoho Sign comes into the picture. For years, Zoho Sign has helped businesses all over the world send, sign, and manage their documents. With two local data centers in Australia, technical support and onboarding assistance with local teams, and a growing list of Australian partners for customized implementation, Zoho Sign has been steadily building its presence on the continent.

Are digital signatures legally valid in Australia?

The short answer is, yes. In Australia, the Electronics Transactions Act (ETA) has made e-signatures legally valid for HR, procurement, and health care documents. For corporate transactions, the Corporations Amendment Act 2022 serves as a governing law for e-signatures.

These laws enable Australian businesses to have simple, legally compliant electronic signing processes.

  • The recipient of the signature accepts that the requirements for accepting the signature are met.

How can Zoho Sign help Australian businesses?

  • Enables users to quickly import digital documents stored in Zoho WorkDrive, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive, as well as draft documents from scratch with Zoho Writer or Google Docs.
  • Complies with all popular e-signature laws across the globe: ESIGN Act, eIDAS, PIPEDA, and much more.
  • Makes it easy to convert frequently used documents like NDAs, sales agreements, and HR documents into reusable templates.
  • Offers a self-service document signing process with SignForms.
  • Automates repetitive tasks with workflows via tools like Zoho Flow, Microsoft PowerAutomate, and Zapier.
  • Readily integrates with all popular Zoho apps and third-party apps.
  • Includes a mobile app for signing documents on the go.

If you’re not already a Zoho Sign customer, head over to and sign up for a free 14-day Enterprise trial here. For feedback, queries, and personalized demo requests, write to us at

Happy signing!


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